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OET News
March 2017

March OET News is here! 

Helping you stay pain free and able to enjoy an active life is my goal. Each month I try to include a variety of articles and videos that will help you live, play, and be pain free. First is my article about the 10 things that cause posture imbalances and simple solutions for each one. Next I talk about the latest research that looked at whether running is good or bad for your knees. And lastly, because the snow is still amazing on Mount Hood, I talk about how to prevent ACL tears while skiing. 

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10 Things That Cause Posture Imbalances
Where do posture imbalances come from?
Each person is unique in what caused their specific posture imbalances, but here are the 10 most common things that cause posture imbalances. I'm sure you recognize several of these items as things you do often. For each cause of posture imbalances I give a simple solution or "fix" to help you improve your posture and life.  Learn the 10 things...

Does Running Help Or Hurt Your Knees?

What does science say about running and knees?
A recent large research study showed that runners have less knee pain and knee joint osteoarthritis than non-runners. Learn why this is true and what causes knee pain and how to prevent it by reading this article.
Preventing ACL Tears While Skiing
Learn why ACL tears happen and how to prevent them.
Downhill skiing is a fun and exhilarating sport that millions of Americans (including me and my family) enjoy each winter. But traveling down a snowy and often icy mountain at speeds exceeding 25mph comes with risks including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Like every injury, there are reasons why they happen and things you can do to prevent them. Researches are starting to discover that postural asymmetry  is a leading cause of ACL injuries and almost always happen on the non-dominate leg. Learn more about ACL tears and how to prevent them by  continuing reading

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