10 Awesome Benefits of Gymnastics For Your Child!

As a parent, if we were asked if we would like to know how to set our child up for success, we would not only say, "YEAH!", but, "HECK YEAH!"

Here is some pretty awesome information for you to consider...

Gymnastics is a unique sport that encompasses many health attributes including strength, power, coordination. flexibility, and balance. The influences of gymnastics training extend well beyond the gym. 

If you want your child to gain confidence and be a good student at school, consider enrolling them in a gymnastics class. Children can start classes as young as 18 months.  

Schedule a free trial class to see if gymnastics is a good fit for your child. Call the gym to schedule your free trial: 952-898-3889.

The benefits you will be giving your child include:

1. Builds coordination of the mind and body

Gymnastics will build a high degree of spatial awareness in your child which will give them a foundation for other sports and in their everyday life. 

2. Good for overall health

With regular practice, children will develop an overall great physical well-being which can help ward off heart disease and bone loss later in life. 

3. Builds discipline

To learn and become proficient at the demanding skills of gymnastics requires a lot of determination and hard work. The practice requires a great deal of focus and dedication. This will aid in other aspects of your child's life including their school studies.

4. Creates a great foundation for other sports

Gymnastics training focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects of the sport. This rigorous training will set your child up for success in other sports too.  

5. Builds good sportsmanship

Gymnastics classes are done in a group environment although, it is an individual sport. This encourages supporting their classmates by cheering on each other's successes and achievements. Gymnastics meets do have a "team" component too which will help your child learn what it takes to be part of a successful team.  

6. Builds their confidence

Learning and acquiring gymnastic skills requires a lot of practice and dedication. When a new skill is attained and achieved your child will gain confidence in their abilities and will learn how hard work and dedication pay off.

7. Teaches goal-setting

Gymnastics is an art form that takes a great deal of patience to learn. Students will learn to set goals as an individual and as a team to encourage them to focus on the end result. This will also train your child how to manage stress when under pressure.

8. Increases strength and flexibility

Gymnastics will build your child's strength and flexibility. These attributes will follow them throughout their athletic career; think of that 1st base stretch for your son or that huge spike your daughter will be able to make in volleyball.  

9. Teaches perseverance

Learning intricate gymnastics skills will take your child weeks, months, if not years to attain. This will train them to focus on each detail of the skill while celebrating each little achievement of that skill. Patience is a virtue in the sport of gymnastics and as a result, your child will learn the importance of perseverance. The art of perseverance will follow through to other aspects of their life including their schoolwork.  

10. Coachability

Being able to accept constructive criticism and coaching is a must for every athlete. Starting your child in gymnastics training at a young age will give them a headstart on the importance of listening and following instructions. This skill is a vital part of school and many other aspects of their life. 

IGM Gymnastics offers classes including Parent & Tot, preschool, recreational, rhythmic, and team for both boys and girls. We also have day camps when school is out, parties, parent's night out events, and open gym. Whether you want your child to learn the important skills of gymnastics or have the opportunity to enjoy the gym during day camps or open gym, we have you covered.  


The MEA school break is next week.  Do you have plans for the kids yet?  Our MEA Day Camp is a great option to daycare for those days and will give your child a chance to explore the gym, enjoy the fun sport of gymnastics, and to meet new friends.

This popular camp fills up... don't let your child miss out on the fun, REGISTER TODAY!  

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Our annual Halloween Parties are great fun!  We have curated 2 awesome parties; one especially for the little ones, and the other is our wildly-popular Parent's Night Out Halloween Party including a ghoulish costume contest.  

Please pre-register for the parties by calling the gym at 952-898-3889 or clicking the link:

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There is no need to pre-register for Open Gyms, however, we must have a signed waiver for each child attending Open Gym.  For your convenience, we have included a link to this waiver below.

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Congratulations to IGM Gymnastic's Bronze and Silver Teams on their wins at their 1st meet of the season!  We applaud their successes at the Razzle Dazzle meet last weekend!  Great job girls!  You've made us very proud!

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