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Tuesday's Updates

Winter Holiday Fun STEM Activities

10 Days of Winter Deals

45 Hour Pre-Service Winter Specials

Winter Holiday Fun STEM Activities

Make the Grinch'es Heart Soften and Grow

All you need is a green balloon with a heart on it, a small water/soda bottle, some baking soda, and vinegar. SHAKE... and watch the heart grow!


What Color Pattern Grows Your Tree?

This project can be used to practice patterns, cutting with scissors, and gluing practice. Materials needed are several colors of construction paper, black paper for the background, scissors, and glue.

When everyone has completed their trees you could even graph the colors, layers, or decorations as a math activity.


10 Days of Winter Deals

ChildCareEd is celebrating Winter Revels by honoring our directors, providers, and admins with 10 days of sales.

Each day a new sale will be released. ALL sales announced through December 16 are valid through December 31st, New Year's Eve. Announcements are made on work days.

December 1 - Sale Announcements:

First & CPR (In-Person)

First Aid & CPR - Blended

6 Hour Medication Administration

December 4 - Sale Announcements:

Group Admin Purchases

December 7 - Sale Announcements:


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45 Hour Pre-Service Winter Specials

All 90 Hour Zoom Pre-Service Courses are $575

All 90 Hour Online Pre-Service Courses are $600



45 Hour Methods and Materials

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45 Hour Curriculum

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45 Hour Growth and Development

45 Hour Growth and Development:

Birth thru Age 12

90 Hour Pre-Service Course

90 Hour Online Pre-Service Course

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