1.    Celebrate your mini wows. Your wins get all the applause. Practice a daily habit of championing the small victories. A goal is an important investment, the small steps toward it is your mini wow factor! End each day with a today list of what worked. Create tomorrow’s to-do list based on your current mini wows.

2.    Do something unexpected. If you are feeling a bit predictable, add some spice. Challenge what you usually do and the ways in which you have previously done things. Shaking things up, roots you in the moment and often deactivates fear. Next time you are craving a reboot, shift what is on autopilot and marinate in what is new and achievable when you meet today with a fresh edge. If you are the music what dance is possible?

3.    Lean into gratitude. Next time you are reflecting on a project or situation lean into your good fortune. What do you get to do? Conversely, what do you not get to do? Let your mindset reflect what you have the good fortune to choose. Rinse and repeat.

4.    Strategize in 24-hour time increments. Develop a “by this time tomorrow” perspective to motivate getting tasks done. What are you willing to do now, and in the 24-hours ahead to get you closer to a goal or task completion? By taking on a smaller window, you infuse more clarity and focus into what is most valuable to you and you elevate your success in the process..

5.    Reposition boundaries. Boundaries are not fences keeping things out, but rather decisions that align with and add depth and joy to all aspects of your life. What needs a clear boundary now? Is it your time, your money, or your willingness to do or not do something? Every month from now until the end of the year, update boundaries to reflect what you need and what will give you your greatest HROI (happiness return on investment.)

6.    Introduce a new hobby or expand upon an existing one. Mix things up to transition and build upon what already brings you joy. To get started, take one habit or hobby that you would like to enhance and move it in the opposite direction. If you have a “shopping habit” think about shifting that to a “selling habit” and repurpose your clothes and possessions by reselling what you no longer want. If you have a habit of nesting and staying home, challenge yourself to start a group, club, or circle to build your external network. If you have a hobby that you personally enjoy spending time on, think about new ways to share your expertise and fun with others. What can you teach, develop, or share in regard to what you know and enjoy? How can you make something "old" new and inviting?

7.    Power down your mind. Pulling the plug on electronics is great but powering down your mind is equally important. Allow it to run on random for at least a few hours a day. Be curious, ask questions, and be open to receive. Give yourself an internal time out.

8.    Power up ONE THING. Change often feels like climbing uphill. That is because you may be trying to change too much, maybe even everything all at once. Instead of flipping the switch on an entire renovation, redecorate one room! Change one thing. One idea. One relationship. One system. Once you make the shift, you will organically know what comes next. Changing things in smaller increments allows you to be more purposeful and less overwhelmed by change.

9.    Get discovered. Adulting has never been more challenging. Rediscovering your inner child will also tap into your inner voice and your ability to try new things. Imagine that you are in discovery mode. When you program Bluetooth to your electronic devices, the Bluetooth must discover an internet connection and align. What changes for you if you pair yourself to the moment, and to what is possible to discover?

10. Think happy, Thoughts can have an upside or a downside. When you find yourself taking the elevator down, flip the script on what you are thinking about and challenge the moment. What is another way of looking at a situation or idea you are contemplating? Keep a Happy Hot List. What are the things that make you smile? Add them to the list. Keep it updated and endless. When you need inspiration or good energy make a withdrawal from your list. When you are filled with uplifting thoughts and excited about something make a deposit onto your Happy Hot List. Happiness starts with a single thought. What do you want yours to be? Lead that.

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