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Alex Zannes of KHON News Explaining our new Tip structure

10% is the new 15%. A recent change in law has resulted in Highway Inn changing its tipping policy.


Read all about it in "The Scoops" and catch up on the latest news, specials, events and exclusive offers from Highway Inn. Welcome, to the Scoops new Frequent Diners!

10% is the new 15%
Example of New Receipt
Change in Law results in New Tip Structure

In Late February 2016 a panel of 9th Circuit Judges ruled that all tips left in all restaurants in the Western States, Alaska and Hawaii belong to the server, and cannot be shared among all restaurant employees.

At Highway Inn, prior to this change, we used to share a portion of tips you left with your check with the kitchen staff. Now we cannot. 

We can place a (5% at Kaka'ako & 3% at Waipahu) Kitchen Service Charge on each Dine-in Check for food, so that is what we plan to do. So to leave 15% total, if you now leave 10% for your server (12% at Waipahu) - everything stays the same.

We calculate these amounts for you (shown here) so you don't have to do the math. 

This was real news - it was the lead news story on KHON's news at 10:00.

High Chief Kalani`opu`u's Cape and Helmet Unveiling at Bishop Museum

Highway Inn is pleased to be Catering the unveiling ceremony on Friday March 18th, 2016 of the historic Cape and Helmet of Chief Kalani`opu'u that have been located in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa since 1912, after being given to Captain Cook in 1779 in Kealakekua Bay, and are now on display at Bishop Museum.

The Feathered Helmet and Cape and have returned to the Islands 237 years after King Kamehameha's uncle gifted these extraordinary treasures. Come on by to enjoy some Hawaiian Food at the Café by Highway Inn, when you come visit these artifacts of Hawaiian history in Hawaiian Hall.


As a reminder for those in the know, and news for the uninitiated we have Moco Monday at Highway Inn Kaka'ako - our chefs will prepare a new Moco each week - here are some examples:

Veggie Moco
Hawaiian Moco
Smok'n Moco
Adobo Moco
Ahi Tatare Moco
Crab Cake Moco

Music Calendar @ Kaka'ako
Sean Robbins
Every Friday Night - 5:00pm-7:00pm 

We have a roster of the best local Hawaiian Musicians:
  • Keilana 
  • Blayne Aising
  • Kapono Na'ili'ili (pictured)
  • Barret Awai & Kevin Inn
  • Cory Oliveros
  • Sean Robbins
Congratulations to Randy Fernandez, and local DJ, & Kaka'ako diner, for winning Highway Inn's $75 Gift Certificate
in February 2016, and to all new Highway Inn Frequent Diners:

In addition to our monthly business card drawing, don't forget about our frequent diner program. Sign up (it's free) next time you're in either location. You earn 1 point for each $1 spent, and more points during promotional periods. When you reach 100 points you get $5 off any purchase. You'll also get 5 points when you register your card online.

Thanks for reading. And Stay Hungry Hawaii.


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