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René Daniëls (born 1950) Hollandse Nieuwe (1982) 'New Dutch Herring' oil on canvas, 120 x 135.5 cm. (47.2 x 53.3 in.)

Saturday, June 10 from 7 to 10 pm

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through June 17

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The Daniëls painting above serves as a loose metaphor for fresh catch and competition in the art market (and our first year as a gallery) from a very Dutch perspective. It was chosen as one starting point in our current show Chiffonnier / Ragpicker — an exhibition in dialogue between two Dutch artists: Bert Frings (Rotterdam, NL) and Bas Louter (Los Angeles, CA).

Excerpt from an interview between the artists:

BF: What does the work of René Daniëls mean to you and especially his work Hollandse Nieuwe?

BL: I got to know the work of René Daniëls when I was 18 before commencement at the Art Academy. He has always been my favorite Dutch artist. I love his work for its directness and economy in paint. There is a free flow of ideas that doesn't feel like a strategy.

The Hollandse Nieuwe title refers to the first new Dutch herring of the season. Restaurants tend to pay top dollar to get the first barrel. There is a comment or critique about the art world in that painting: the predictability of galleries always looking for new, young and hot marketable work and artists.

Last year I made a contemporary version of that work and then after that this subject of fish swimming evolved into something more personal; the works represent my upbringing and history in The Netherlands, growing up close to the beach, the dunes and the stark landscape of Northern Holland.

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Bas Louter

Hollandse Nieuwe 4 , 2023

Mixed media on canvas, panel

48 x 59 in

122 x 150 cm

Bert Frings

New Dutch Herring, 2023

Tempera paint on plywood panel

11 x 15 in

30 x 40 cm

Bas Louter

Hollandse Nieuwe 2 , 2022

Mixed media on canvas, panel

48 x 59 in

122 x 150 cm

Bert Frings

Herring II , 2023

Tempera paint on plywood panel

17¾ x 23½ in

45 x 60 cm

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September 1


Peter Stearns

A Good Morning (1968) , 2020

Acrylic on canvas

60 x 48 in

Minga Opazo

In studio (Ojai, CA)

Photo by Margo Yinger

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