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There’s still a lot of confusion amongst the general population about who’s open and who’s not. You and I know that if you fix cars and trucks or sell tires you are ESSENTIAL. I think the shops that are reminding the public of this are getting extra business. Of course social media is an effective and affordable way to do this. For many though, coming up with content and the time to post it is an issue. Cooper just partnered with a marketing company called Promoboxx and their mission is to make posting things on social media platforms easy. For example: When Cooper is offering a consumer rebate you can pop up a professional notice on your Facebook page... Cooper’s Tyler Hardgrove says, “Essentially, this platform is a way for you and your dealers to automatically get Cooper content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and even email FOR FREE! Even better, the posts/emails will be customizable for the specific business and offer some tracking information as to views and clicks.” Yes he said FREE. That’s for Medallion associate dealers. If you’re still not a Medallion dealer yet, just call me and we’ll sign you up.  

To see a sample of what these posts look like just click HERE .  

To learn more or see a recorded webinar click HERE .
Top of the line Jeep Gladiators roll on?

Jeep has selected Falken’s Wildpeak AT3W for their $58,000 (!) Mojave edition Gladiator. What else would you spec as O.E. on your finest high speed off-roader (mall parking lots more like)? Look for it soon with LT285/7017 skins.   
Speaking of parking lots...

It was about a year ago that Cooper announced they’d earned an O.E. position on the latest Mercedes-Benz GLE. I had pretty much forgotten about this until a few weeks ago when I noticed a new Benz wearing Coopers at the grocery store. The sizes are 255/50R19XL and 275/50R20 and the tire is the SRX LE. Keep it classy Cooper. 
Money grows on trees

Never mind what your parents always said. Well, it might not exactly grow on trees but its flowing pretty strong this June. Cooper is running an expandedconsumer rebate through July 6th. Motorists earn $50 on CS5 and SRX; $70 on AT3; and $75 on the new EnduraMax. And on to the dealers - Cooper is back with their third Double Bucks session so far this year. For June Medallion dealers cash in on CS5, HT3, EnduraMax, and SRX lines. Last but not least, to those of you on the front lines, selling the tires, Cooper’s “Corner into Cash”, counter sales spiff pays out $7 per EnduraMax and $5 per AT3 all through June. Who do you love? Cha-ching. To sign up for the counter spiff click HERE
Caption this. Or else!

I’ve been saving this pic of Kim jong-un visiting the Amnokgang Tire Factory for the purpose of inspecting missile launcher tires. Looks like Kim was cracking the boys up, so I guess a good time was had by all. Side note: I’d like it if I had a couple dudes following me around writing down everything brilliant that I uttered. But now it’s time for your caption. Best three captions win Semi-Fabulous K&W SuperPrizes. Email them back to me. Good luck! 

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