in May

May is a great time to plant trees. The ground is thawed out and the trees have a whole summer to begin establishing themselves. If properly planted, it will provide years of shade, protection and beauty and will be a lasting reminder for future generations.
Inspect Your Trees as Days Get Warmer

 Running through a quick inspection checklist will ensure that your trees are not showing any signs of disease or damage. A few signs to look for include:

  • Broken or hanging branches
  • Trees with hollow cavities
  • Trees leaning towards one side
  • Sucker growth
  • Small holes in the bark

If trees in your yard are displaying any of these signs, or if you are unsure whether your tree poses a risk to the surrounding area, contact Autumn Tree, Lawn and Landscape today. We are the experts and can advise the best plan of action for your trees.

Call 303-868-3164 for a FREE estimate today!

Staking Trees

When it comes to planting new trees you may notice stakes that stablize the tree. This is to help trees that are top heavy, planted in windy conditions or prone to be hit by children or pets. Staking the tree will allow it to grow safely and healthy.

Most commonly in Colorado two stakes are needed for newly planted trees to offer balance. Stake height should be one third of the trunk height. If your tree trunk is more that three inches in diameter you’ll need to put three stakes on the tree opposing each other. Two stakes are great for windy sites. Use soft material to hold the tree to the stake as this will allow the tree to grow normally. It’s important to check stakes every six months and loosen as the tree’s girth expands. Remove stakes after 2-3 years.
Emerald Ash Borer
Since 2013, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been destroying our beloved Ash trees throughout Boulder, Longmont, and Lafayette. These cities are treating healthy trees, removing dying ones and educating the public.

Take Action
Our soil drench applications can provide good control of Japanese beetle grubs in lawns. Act now by identifiying your trees and scheduling applications, before it is too late.
Question of the Month
Q: How do I protect my tree's exposed roots?

A: An easy way to avoid tree root damage from lawn mowers or trimmers is to lightly mulch in between the tree’s roots. However, during construction the best way to ensure your tree stays protected is to contact Autumn Tree, Lawn and Landscape so we can send our arborist out to guide you in which areas should be fenced off.
Plant of the month
Hicks Yew is a popular shrub that forms a thick, bushy barrier that won't lose its color or foliage in winter. Hicks Yew can take just about anything you throw at it, from artistic topiary pruning to poor city environments. Pruning is up to you. It can handle a heavy shearing or be left to grow naturally. If you prefer a more orderly appearance, early spring before new shoots develop is an ideal time to trim. It requires low-maintenance and is equipped with its own natural defenses against disease and insects. These dark green plants grow well in any drained soil. Full sun or shade makes no difference, they'll do just fine in any sun exposure.
Events in May
Cinco De Mayo Festival
May 4th-5th

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of freedom and culture. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the tradition of freedom and acknowledges the beauty of Latino culture.

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 12th

Treat Mom to a little something different this year, and bring her out for a day of fun. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Nourished Festival May 18th-19th

The Nourished Festivals are the greatest events on earth for those living a gluten-free, allergen-friendly or specialty diet lifestyle!

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