Canadian Food Focus October 2022 Newsletter


What's in Season? Pumpkin

Pumpkins are native to Canada and have been grown here for hundreds of years. First Nations people ate them roasted, boiled and stewed, and they roasted the seeds as well. Today, most pumpkins are used for jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin pie but there are so many more ways to cook and enjoy pumpkins.


How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Deep frying is a delicious and quick way to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving or any holiday supper.  If done properly you will be rewarded with tender and juicy meat without absorbing extra oil from deep frying.

Choosing Healthy Fats

Did you know that fat is an essential nutrient? While for many years, people avoided eating all manner of fat, scientific research is showing that consuming the right kinds and amounts can help you to reap the benefits for good health.


How Can Cattle Protect The Grasslands?

In Canada, cattle are part of the prairie grasslands ecosystem, helping keep our native grasslands intact. Without cattle and the ranchers who raise them, we would be in danger of losing more of our native grasslands.

What Is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic engineering refers to specific methods of plant breeding that use laboratory methods to change an organism’s DNA. It can be used to introduce one or more genes into a plant’s genetic makeup.


Cranberry Turkey Cobbler

Reimagine holiday leftovers with this easy savoury cranberry turkey cobbler. Makes for a perfect brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

The Best Pumpkin Pie

Making your own pumpkin pie from scratch is surprisingly easy, and the results are absolutely worth the effort. Everyone will be so very impressed!

Learn to Cook

Would you like to improve your cooking skills? Or learn how to cook something different for supper? Maybe you simply would like to learn a new recipe. Check out the Learn To Cook section on our website and cook along with chefs, home economists, and cookbook authors to create something tasty!

In this lesson, Learn to Cook Turkey Dinner.

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