Canadian Food Focus June 2023 Newsletter


What's in Season? Fresh Green Peas

Canada grows approximately 3 million tons of fresh peas per year and is currently the largest producer and exporter of fresh peas. Commercially, most fresh peas in Canada are grown in southern Ontario and Quebec.


Make Room In The Kitchen Pantry For Malt

Can you name an ingredient that milkshakes, beer and pizza dough often have in common? If you guessed malt, you’d be right! Learn what it is, how it is made and get some quick tips for using it in your own cooking and baking.

15 Flowers You Can Eat

You often don’t think of your flower garden as a good place to harvest your lunch, but there are a surprising number of tasty edibles growing in many yards, gardens and farms across Canada.


How Do Strawberries Grow?

If the summer season had a taste, it would likely be the sweet taste of strawberries. Discover how these delicious berries are grown in Canada with Fresh Air Farmer Andrew Campbell.

What Are Hops And How Do They Grow?

With the craft beer craze in full swing, farmers in several parts of Canada are growing a new crop - hops! Discover everything you need to know about hops, including how they grow and why they're important to the craft beer industry.


Barley Tabbouleh

Bursting with nutty barley, crispy cucumber, juicy tomatoes, zesty lemon, and fresh mint leaves, this Barley Tabbouleh salad is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy.

Big Batch Beef And Cheddar Sheet Pan Omelette

This Big Batch Beef and Cheddar Sheet Pan Omelette recipe makes a great grab-and-go meal that's fast, nutritious and delicious!

Would you like to improve your cooking skills? Or learn how to cook something different for breakfast, lunch, or supper? Maybe you simply would like to learn a new recipe. This Chicken & Lentil Enchiladas dish is a great recipe to use up leftover chicken or a convenient rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

Welcome to the Ask a Farmer Podcast hosted by Canadian farmer, Clinton Monchuk. In this podcast, Clinton will talk with dietitians, farmers, ranchers and other experts to answer questions about your food and farming. He will explore how your food is grown and raised in Canada, delve into questions you may have about the food system and provide useful information to help you feel more confident about your food choices.

Podcast: How Has The Science Of Producing Food Changed?

In this podcast, Ian Affleck outlines how advancements in gene editing are enabling scientists to pinpoint different traits to turn on, or shut off in plants, which will be beneficial when considering climate change.

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