Canadian Food Focus July & August 2022 Newsletter


What's in Season? Grapes

Grapes grow on woody climbing vines that produce clusters of berries. They are grown in irrigated orchards using a trellis system. As the vines grow they are ‘trained’ or ‘formed’ up the trellis which lets the grapes hang independently from each other and reduces rubbing of the fruit on other grapes, leaves and stems so as not to damage the thin skins.


Enjoy Your Vegetables: Corn

For many of us, the simplest way to cook corn is often the best. Simmer the cobs until tender, slather them heavily with butter, and finish with a good sprinkling of salt and pepper. It’s pretty much perfect this way.

Get information and tips on cooking, storing and preventing food waste.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a new term for an old concept of using food processing by-products to generate new food ingredients. Years ago, we made sausages from meat scraps and jams from overripe fruit. Today, consumers want to reduce food waste even more. Upcycling is one solution to reducing food waste by taking overlooked byproducts (leftover foodstuff) from processing and creating new ingredients.  


Harvesting Soybeans to Help a Farmer in Need

For anyone that knows Rick & his family, they’ll tell you that giving back is an important aspect of their farm. And that goes for whether it’s an initiative in their own community or helping a farmer on the other side of the world. On our tour today, we start from the combine seat as Rick harvests soybeans and tells about how he uses auto-steer technology all year long.

How Does Regenerative Agriculture Work?

Agriculture – the practice of growing food – is continually evolving and will continue to do so to meet the needs of a changing world. Regenerative agriculture is just one strategy that farmers are using to meet those challenges.  


Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake

A delicious departure from the classic version, this cheesecake is served frozen, with a fresh strawberry and mint topping.

Lemony Potato Salad with Chickpeas and Mozzarella

This potato, green bean, chickpea, tomato and mozzarella salad recipe features a tangy lemon vinaigrette for a delicious alternative to traditional mayonnaise-based potato salads.

Learn to Cook

Would you like to improve your cooking skills? Or learn how to cook something different for supper? Maybe you simply would like to learn a new recipe. Check out the Learn To Cook section on our website and cook along with chefs, home economists, and cookbook authors to create something tasty!

In this lesson, Learn to Cook Modern Sloppy Joes.

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