Canadian Food Focus December 2023 Newsletter


What's in Season? Cranberries

Cranberries are native to Atlantic Canada where they grow wild in wetlands and marsh areas. However, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island account for less than 10 percent of the Canadian production because the majority of today’s cranberries are harvested in BC and Quebec. They are the largest berry crop in BC and Canada.


3 Reasons To Add Lentils To Ground Meat

Uncover the amazing benefits of incorporating lentils into your ground meat. Food expert Claire Tansey explains how this simple addition can transform your meals into something easy, delicious and nutritious.

All Cheese Is Not Created Equal

When it comes to buying cheese, registered dietitian Rosie Schwartz has some expert advice: Read the label! Consider your specific needs, whether you're looking for a protein alternative, a source of calcium, or simply wanting something delicious. 


What Is Maple Syrup Made

Of And How Is It Produced?

Discover the sweet secrets of Canada's beloved maple syrup! Join Fresh Air farmer Andrew Campbell on a captivating journey into the sugar bush, where maple trees are tapped for their sap. 

Redefining "Local" Foods: Benefits, Myths and Sustainability

The decision to ‘eat local’ is influenced by many factors: environmental concerns, the need for safe and healthy food, food security, food availability and much more.

But there are many misconceptions about locally-grown food.


7 Holiday Cookie Exchange Recipes

Hosting a holiday cookie exchange is a great way to bring family and friends together and fill up the cookie jar for the holidays!


Classic Canadian Dish: Date Squares

The Date Square (a.k.a. Matrimonial Bar) is beloved by many despite the plethora of names it’s known by, and perfect with a cup of tea. 

Would you like to improve your cooking skills? Or learn how to cook something different for breakfast, lunch, or supper? Maybe you simply would like to learn a new recipe. Cook along with Andrea Buckett as she prepares a Sheet Pan Omelette. This is one of the easiest ways to prepare omelettes for a crowd and a great way to re-invent leftovers into a new meal.

Welcome to the Ask a Farmer Podcast hosted by Canadian farmer, Clinton Monchuk. In this podcast, Clinton will talk with dietitians, farmers, ranchers and other experts to answer questions about your food and farming. He will explore how your food is grown and raised in Canada, delve into questions you may have about the food system and provide useful information to help you feel more confident about your food choices.

Podcast: Can I Eat Meat As Part Of A Balanced Diet?

In this podcast, Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison discusses how meat protein is structured differently than plant protein. She also includes some tips on how to extend your meat budget a bit more.

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