Hello Jackie,

Did you know I have a shell-baby? Her name is G, and she’s a Redfoot Tortoise hailing from the lush Amazon jungles of South America. The scales on her head form a perfect letter “G” when you look at her straight on—it’s like she was destined to carry that initial!

When G first entered my life, she was a mere 2 inches long, remnants of her egg sack still clinging to her bottom shell. Over the years, she’s grown into quite the diva! G knows how to strike a pose, especially when it comes to helping young people break out of their shells (pun intended).

And now, G has a special message for you:

🌟 #MayKidsSpeak: A Fundraising Event 🌟

I'm shamelessly using my adorable tortie baby to ask for your support. The Speak Feed Lead Project is hosting a 3-hour live streaming event called #MayKidsSpeak, and we invite you to be part of it.

How can you contribute?

  • Consider donating $1 for every year of G’s life (she’s a ten-year-old diva now!).
  • Or, donate $1 for every year of YOUR life—let’s bring kids out of their shells and empower them to SPEAK UP!
Give Speaks Here

During the live stream, our young participants—both newbies and veterans—will share their unique and powerful messages. Trust us, it’ll be worth listening to! 🎙️

But that’s not all. A significant portion of your generous gift will be earmarked for our humanitarian trip to Moshi, Tanzania this July. Together with youth and adults from our network of clients, sponsors, and colleagues, we’ll serve, train, and empower 12 primary and secondary schools. You can be part of this impactful mission! See more HERE

Let’s uplift voices, spread inspiration, and change lives. 🌍


Jackie Bailey, Exec. Director (and G's mom)

The Speak Feed Lead Project | 425-894-3424

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