August 2022 Issue 008

Welcome to August 2022!

As the Summer of 2022 is coming to its end we are reminded that seasons are once again changing! This month we are taking a look at the Value and Importance of the Local Church! My wife Cynthia and I pastored for 35 years in Long Island, New York. We dealt with people with love, gentleness, grace and even strong rebuke as needed. We experienced the joy and victories, along with the frustrations that many leaders are facing today. It is a good reminder that there is Grace In Your Place! The Body of Christ is facing one of our greatest opportunities to Stand Up and let our Message and Voices be heard in every sphere of influence!

** I sincerely hope you will read each of the articles and view the videos that we have included in the August 2022 E-Newsletter.

We have several teaching resources that will be a huge encouragement to you.

ADDITIONALLY we have a variety of other valuable things that we hope you will avail yourself to and enjoy! Like The NEW Favor Confession; Our Survey Question about Using Your Time, Talents & Treasure in the Local Church; 30 Bible Verses on Freedom; This month's Book Recommendation by John Carter; Marry the Vision by Ron Jutze; Our LIVE P&W Album; and Quotes on the Local Church; In addition we share Ways to Host MJB Ministries in Your Church, Conference, Business and City; and We desire your feedback and prayer requests so we can agree with you!
We pray for you each month according to Ephesians 1:15-23 and Ephesians 3:14-21. Never forget that YOU ARE LOVED, FAVORED & BLESSED!
Michael & Cynthia Burns
August is the 8th month of the year...Eight has many biblical meanings. Eight symbolizes the beginning of a new day because 8 people survived on Noah's Ark and replenished the earth! God has a New or Fresh Beginning for YOU this Month of August!
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By Rev. Michael J. Burns
I have decided to give You an excerpt of my book, CHURCH HAPPENS - What Your Pastor Needs From The People They Lead! Chapter One is entitled, 'Smitten Shepherds & Scattered Sheep!'
Discover The Life You Were Born To Live - Dare To Make A Difference!
This book was written for Pastor's by Rev. Michael J. Burns who has over 40 years of Pastoral/Ministry experience!
  1. God created you for a divine purpose!
  2. Many Christians have yet to Discover that divine purpose.
  3. Pastor Mike Burns conducts a 4 Hour Discover The Life Saturday Seminar in Churches across the USA that includes the book along with Your Companion Study Guide for $30 per person that includes lunch.
Watch This Video Below Where Rev. Cynthia A. Burns Shares About Our New Phase of Ministry!
The Video Above Gives Us An Inside Look...
Jesus gave what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. One of His longest dissertations that teaches us the essence of what it means to live the Christian Life OUT LOUD...Enjoy!
Do you believe God wants to utilize your time, talents and treasure in the local church??
This Month of July we are giving YOU a Brand New Confession that can be used everyday! For the past several months we have included a Favor Confession for you to use daily in your devotional prayer time. TRY IT - BELIEVE IT - SEE THE DIFFERENCE IT WILL MAKE!

Marry The Vision
with Ron Jutze
is Committed to Your Ministry Success!
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35 Years As A Pastor - Lessons Learned
Rev. Michael J. Burns
In this article I share from my 35 years of Pastoral experience things that will assist Pastors, Associates, Volunteers and those connected to a local Church!
Sermon Outlines for Pastor’s & Bible Teacher’s
This Month I am sharing an outline from my series on The Church Eternal & Triumphant!
Part 1 of 6
Matthew 18:19-20 is where Jesus told us about the Power of Agreement in Prayer. Agreement is the place of POWER!

By Rev. Cynthia A. Burns

Who's Child is This? The Importance of Children's Ministry
I believe that children are a gift from God. Their #1 teachers are their Mom's & Dad's. School and Church should be a supplement to what their parents are teaching them. If a school or church is teaching them something that goes against their values as Christian parents then they need to get involved by standing up, speaking up and taking appropriate actions
Partnership is clearly explained in this recent episode of God's Healing Word with Rev. Michael J. Burns. This is our Financial Stewardship Friday program where biblical financial principles are taught. This is a very special message on why MJB Ministries needs your Prayerful & Financial Partnership!
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This Month's We Recommend the Book, THE TRANSFORMED LIFE by Pastor John Carter
Personal transformation requires radical change. It has been said that the only thing you can count on in this world is that nothing stays the same. You can change your address, your job, your wardrobe, your friends—you can even change your name—BUT your life will not transform until you change the way you think. Becoming a Christian ignites the process of transformation. Your relationship with God, eternal destination, and true self become new. Yet even with all these wonderful changes, we are left in a world, remain in a body, and are stuck with a mind that is pretty much the same.
In this book, John Carter will teach you that God has designed a plan of genuine transformation for every person, one that goes far beyond the initial moment of salvation. Whether you realize it or not, you have the capacity and power to influence the direction of your life through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.
Quotes...On the
Local Church

“I have never known the Spirit of God to work where the Lord’s people were divided.”
— Dwight L. Moody

"The life function of [the local church] is to love the God who created it – to care for others out of obedience to Christ, to heal those who hurt, to take away fear, to restore community, to belong to one another, to proclaim the Good News while living it out. The church is the invisible made visible."
― Charles Colson

Andy Stanley

― Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"God has not planned on His children to bounce around from local church to local church. We are blood bought believer's in Christ and have not been designed to be spiritual blood clots in the body of Christ that causes damage every where we go!"
Michael J. Burns, MJB Ministries

― John Stott

Bill Hybels

"Prayer is the Power Plant of the Church!"
― Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin
The Transformed Life
10 Reasons Why Every Believer Needs
The Local Church
Pastors John & Lisa Carter from Abundant Life Christian Center
Syracuse, New York

 John Carter is committed to helping people reach their potential in life through spiritual transformation. Known for his engaging and practical teaching style, he is the senior pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center, a culturally diverse church located in Syracuse, NY. He is the founder and president of Mercy Works, a charitable organization that creatively meets the practical needs in distressed urban communities. John and his wife, Lisa have three sons—Jordan, Joshua and Caleb

Get ‘Let Your Glory Fill This House’ Available on ALL Digital Platforms!
This LIVE Praise & Worship recording was produced by our late friend, Randy Estelle. All songs were originally written by Michael J. Burns and performed by my wife Cynthia and several friends. It has been digitally remastered. This is a timeless recording that will take you into the presence of God! 13 Original Songs.
Songs Include: Psalm 95; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Full Sway; Jesus Paid It All; Faithful In The Fire; Building Me Up; Spontaneous Worship; Lord, You Are Worthy To Be Praised; Lord I Worship You; Consecrated To Thee; Let Your Glory Fill This House; Through Christ; and Jesus Is Coming Back Again!
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