February 2023 - Issue 002

Welcome to February 2023!

You were not created by God to fail in life but rather to THRIVE in every area!
**Please read my article on The IMPACT of Vision On Our Life! I have also provided a 2nd article called, Thrive - Don't Just Survive! Be sure and Check Out ALL the videos but especially the one by Rod Saunders from JewandGreek.com on the subject: Are Charismatics Weird? There are a host of other things that will build your faith in God's Word for you to enjoy!

**There are also ways we share where you can Host MJB Ministries in Your Church, Conference, Business and City; and We desire your feedback and prayer requests so we can agree with you!

We pray for you each month according to Ephesians 1:15-23 and Ephesians 3:14-21. Never forget that YOU ARE LOVED, FAVORED & BLESSED!
Michael & Cynthia Burns
The video above deals with the idea of the negatives of life that are developed in the dark room of Fear! Both Faith & Fear attract and repel...One attracts the negative and repels the positive and the other attracts the positive and repels the negative. God desires for Us to live by faith and not by fear so we can THRIVE!
- Rev. Michael J. Burns

IN 2023
AND Beyond!
by Rev. Michael J. Burns
From MJB Ministries
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are You Ready to THRIVE in 2023 and BEYOND? If you have been born again then, as a Christ Follower, you are called to EXCEL and THRIVE in Your Christian Journey of Faith! I am always amazed at the resistance the subject of Thriving, Succeeding, Prospering and Excelling in life has sadly faced.
By Rev. Michael J. Burns
Helen Keller said, The saddest thing is for a person to have sight but No Vision.' God still speaks to us today. One thing God loves to talk in is Visions or Giving a Picture of what He wants to do! Let's talk about that...Click Here For More!
Pastors, You can host this powerful, life changing 4 Hour Saturday Seminar in your church in 2023! The cost is $30 per person which is $25 for the two books plus $5 that we give to the host church to provide lunch for those who attend. Book Here (Please Note: That this does NOT cover travel, accommodations, housing and any offerings to MJB Ministries).
Host this Seminar in Your Church in 2023! DISCOVER THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE - Companion Study Guide is Part of a 4 hour Saturday Seminar that Michael J. Burns wants to bring to EVERY CHURCH in America! Book Here
Watch this very special message from Michael & Cynthia Burns regarding the publishing of our newest book entitled, The Devo-Life: 7 Essentials of the Christ Follower.
- Rev. Michael J. Burns
Matthew 18:19-20 is where Jesus told us about the Power of Agreement in Prayer. Agreement is the place of POWER!

The Purpose of Prosperity - The #1 Purpose of Financial Prosperity is World Evangelism! Jesus said, This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in ALL the world as a witness unto all nations and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). This is a very informative message on why YOUR Church & MJB Ministries needs your Prayerful & Financial Partnership!
For Pastors and Ministry Leaders, MARRY THE VISION with my Friend, Ron Jutze wants to empower you with his weekly video emails and PDF's. Click Here for more info & to Join for FREE!

MJB Ministries is excited to announce that we now have over 340 FREE Videos on our YouTube Channel!M
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Rod Saunders is a Word of Faith Apologist who answers the criticisms against Charismatic Ministries!
This Month's Book Recommendation is You Are Made for More! By Lisa Osteen Comes

Lisa shares from her own life, stories of facing birth defects, limiting labels as a young woman, an unwanted divorce, a criminal attack, infertility, and broken dreams. With every story, in every chapter, she delivers biblical truths and practical help for overcoming hardship and loss. "It's Time that YOU Know that YOU Were Made for MORE! Your Worth is based on the inward person of the heart." This resource will assist you in the process of Thriving in 2023!
My Wife and I would like to say, THANK YOU to those of you who have signed on to be our Monthly Prayer and Financial Partner with MJB Ministries. There is no possible way we could do what we are doing without your continued, faithful and monthly support! If you would like to be our Monthly Partner in Prayer & Giving then simply...
Get ‘Let Your Glory Fill This House’ Available on ALL Digital Platforms!
This LIVE Praise & Worship recording was produced by our late friend, Randy Estelle. All songs were originally written by Michael J. Burns and performed by my wife Cynthia and several friends. It has been digitally remastered. This is a timeless recording that will take you into the presence of God! 13 Original Songs.
Songs Include: Psalm 95; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Full Sway; Jesus Paid It All; Faithful In The Fire; Building Me Up; Spontaneous Worship; Lord, You Are Worthy To Be Praised; Lord I Worship You; Consecrated To Thee; Let Your Glory Fill This House; Through Christ; and Jesus Is Coming Back Again!
Prayer Focus for MJB Ministries!
Prayer Focus
Prayer Points for MJB Ministries

  • For God’s Wisdom and Direction to be made clear to Us in every area.
  • For Divine Protection in our travels.
  • For Many God Ordained Open doors to minister God’s Word.
  • For a greater manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • For Greater Revelation Knowledge of God’s Word!
  • For Divine Provision & for 50 more partners in 2022!
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