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What To Expect When It's Time To Say Goodbye
Whether they be furry, feathered or scaled, the relationship you develop with your pet is one of love and companionship. When it’s time to say goodbye, preparing for the inevitable can be heartbreaking, but knowing what to expect during this already difficult time may help to ease the pain.

~ Body Reflexes: In some instances, even once the heart has stopped, you may see some movement from the pet as the muscles relax. As muscles relax, the animals may leak urine or their bowels may empty. Other involuntary contractions may occur, such as the animal appearing to gasp or move. This is strictly a muscle reflex as the body stops functioning.

~ Eye Appearance: The biggest myth is that eyes close at death. In "Marley & Me", when he is euthanized , it shows his eyes closing as he dies. A pet's eyelids usually remain open at death, as it requires muscle contraction to close them.

~ Rigor Mortis: An animal's body begins the process of rigor mortis, the stiffening of the joints, within 10 minutes to three hours after death and can last as long as 72 hours.

~Tissue Breakdown : The temperature that the body is in will affect this process. Ideally, the cooler the better. The buildup of gases and the breakdown of skin are slowed the cooler the body is kept.

Saying goodbye to your precious pet can be extremely difficult, Having knowledge about this process can help you better deal with the final moments.

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What Makes
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation Special?

Giving You Time To Say Goodbye

You are never ready to say goodbye to your beloved pet. When that time comes, saying a final goodbye is an important step in dealing with your loss.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation helps ease this difficult transition by offering a time for you and your family to say one special and final farewell to your precious pet. Whether in your home or in the peaceful environment created by CCPC at the Bridgeville facility, taking the time to touch, pet and kiss your pet can offer solace and comfort during a very stressful time.

If a family member is away when the death occurs, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation can hold the body until that family member has a chance to come and say goodbye.

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What To Consider When Choosing An Urn?
You may want to touch and hold your pet’s cremains, desiring an urn that can be easily opened. Or you may want to safeguard your pet in an urn that is permanently fastened closed. Or something in between.

This elegant chest allows you to keep not only your pet, but also some of the things that were important to them in one place.

The top surface can be engraved with your pet's name, dates and perhaps a favorite special nickname or phrase. Perfect for accommodating a large pet's cremains, this urn can also be used as a "family" urn to keep several small pets' cremains together.

The interior and the tray are fabric covered and the tray rests on a ledge above contents. The tray can be used to hold collars or toys or other sweet reminders of your pet. The lid has criss-crossed ribbons to securely hold several of your favorite photos. 

Strikingly sleek, made of composite wood with a high-gloss cherry finish, this treasure comes in two sizes.
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