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COVID19 Response:
Best Practices at Farmers' Markets


The California Alliance of Farmers' Markets hosted a COVID-19 Response/Best Practices webinar. We had a panel of expert speakers that represented farmers' markets across California.
Our Call to Action: Market operators and managers everywhere, we invite you to join forces as we ~UNITE~ and ~RISE~ to the occasion of keeping our markets OPEN and SAFE!

The Alliance is here to support!

A way that you can support the Alliance, and CA farmers' markets, is to take This Survey:
The survey seeks to collect farmers' market data points and information that helps to tell the story about the impacts of COVID-19 on farmer and farmers' market operations, revenue, expenses, and attendance. The Alliance will use and share this data only to advocate for farmers' market and farmer support during this time and will anonymize all data collected. Please only ONE survey entry per organization/association. There are sections in the survey for individual markets.

Another way you can support the Alliance (and your organization!) is by becoming an Alliance member. Now more than ever, it is becoming evident that a farmers' market industry group like the Alliance is essential and necessary. Find out more about the  Alliance membership here.

Go here to find up-to-date COVID19 farmers' market resources/best practices.

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We would love to collect pictures of farmers' markets that are applying the COVID19 guidelines/best practices. Please send your pictures to
Please rename each picture with the Market Name and Date.
(or send this information in the email)

Webinar details:

Access a PDF of the webinar presentation  here.
Access the recording of the webinar presentation here.*
(The presentation starts 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording)

In community,

The California Alliance of Farmers' Markets

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