Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
February 2019 Dream Journal
Travel with Purpose Visits Projects
It was a whirlwind week for 8 fabulous ladies accompanied by Jenni Lipa, Founder & President and Ksenija Olmer, VP of CCDO.

Their ages ranged between 12 years to 87 years. With one Italian in the group, most of the ladies were from the West Coast of the USA.
Many days started before dawn to participate in serving free breakfasts at our village schools. There were visits to schools and preschools, computer centers, water wells and latrines. Everyone was so excited and gratified to see the projects with their own eyes and was very impressed by the quality of the work and the deep thought put in everything we undertake.

The highlight was checking out the pigs in our Piglet Heaven project, especially for 12 year old Tabi, who instigated the project and her mom, Jenn. Thanks to Tabi’s seed money and Facebook advocacy, the project has now grown to 160+ breeding sows in two communities and with breeding, will reach 9,000 pigs in the next three years.

Some visitors also really enjoyed getting their hands dirty while learning how to grow morning glory, everyone’s favorite new dinner vegetable. 

While the group was enjoying some cultural and history activities Jenni, Ksenija & Carol met with the staff, partnering organizations, and government officials to cement our new involvement with 21 Schools in the Angkor Thom district.
Expanding Preschools
A new partnership was established in Angkor Thom community between CCDO and the governmental Education Department and C ommune Leaders to improve the 11 community preschools with better equipment and training for the teachers. 

The teachers have been working without pay for the last 2 years and no supplies beyond a white board and paper. Some of the over 600 lbs of donated items that were brought along on the Travel with Purpose were given to the preschools to have just a barest sample of supplies for creative play and arts & crafts. The teachers and children were ecstatic. 
Help Sponsor a Preschool
We are looking for sponsors for our 11 new preschools to make them functional. We estimate we need to invest $2000 for each preschool, which is $80 per child. 
$50 buys preschool t-shirts for 10 kids. 

$100 buys floor mats & basic toys. 

$20 goes towards a monthly supply of colors, paper & play-dough.
Can you pitch in?
If you/your family/friends/organization can sponsor the whole preschool, we will give you the naming rights with a prominent sign.
Volunteer Interns
We were lucky to see the last community workshop led by our amazing South African volunteer  Jani Swart. We were so proud of her poise and all her good work. 

We were able to personally welcome our newest volunteer intern Jelle Bosman from the Netherlands, who is excited to start on a variety of projects.
We were especially thrilled to have had a chance to meet up with our board member Carol Duster from Colorado, who comes every year for a whole month to continue to work with our English teachers and other programs.

Thank you Carol and the whole incredible extended Duster family for your unwavering support!