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May 31, 2022

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continues with 1 more talk -
tomorrow Wednesday, June 1!
Our TENT REVIVAL IN THE HOLY SPIRIT (Life in the Spirit Seminar) resumes tomorrow, Wednesday- during our Prayer Meeting.

Tomorrow, June 1st, is our last talk: TRANSFORMATION IN CHRIST

This will be during our weekly Wednesday night prayer meeting, which begins with Rosary at 7pm and continues at 7:45pm with praise and worship.

In these talk, we will look at how we can grow deeper in the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

This talk is particular relevant and a "must" for those who attended our amazingly anointed and blessed Tent Revival 10 days ago.
So what 's next? Where do we go from here?
 How do we go from the high of the weekend Life in the Spirit Seminars, to truly living the “life in the Spirit” in the midst of the many temptations, battles and disappointments of Life?
How can we be victorious over the many challenges we face in life?
What was impossible before is now becoming possible because we have a new openness to receive the help of the Holy Spirit.
Yet, we need to be fully equipped for the many battles we face as Catholic Christians.
This is why we continue with the last part: "Growth & Transformation " which take place during our Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Last Wednesday, the seminar was on "Growth" and tomorrow, it will be "Transformation in Christ."
Our Tent Revival has been a preparation for the great feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church and the birthday of St Antoninus Church which was literally founded on Pentecost Sunday.

Let us open up our hearts to a deeper outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost- as we live out our lives, not only in life in the Holy Spirit, but also growing in our personal walk with Jesus Christ and being transformed to becoming His most loving and faithful Catholic Christian disciples.
Our last Life in the Spirit talk-

The tools for growth and transformation in Christ – prayer (including the Sacraments), study (especially the scriptures), community and service-- will strengthen us to deal with situations that we may face and to overcome harmful habits and obstacles to God’s grace in our lives.

Becoming part of a Christian community is key to sustained progress. From beginning to end, the goal is intimacy with God and then helping others come to know the One who so intimately loves us.
This is the final session. It offers a vision of both transformation and mission through the life in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is at work, changing us and enabling us in many varied ways to bring the Good News, the gospel to other people. 
Every day we must persevere in our prayer, study, and fellowship with other Christians as well as in our service to others, especially sharing the Good News with others. We do this in spite of trials and difficulties, including the challenge of overcoming habits of sin. As we cooperate with the Lord in these areas, we will bear much fruit!
Find out during the talk and small group discussions:
What do you think holiness means in everyday life?
How is God calling you to be a "missionary disciple" within your own family, parish and community? 
What gifts of the Spirit might be involved in this mission?
Where will you find your support to living Life in the Spirit?
Would you like to stay in touch with people in the seminar after today?

Come to the last Life in the Spirit talk tomorrow at 7:45pm. Rosary starts at 7pm.

You can join us on zoom, if you are not able to come in person.
Click here for the Zoom link
Our Tent Revival has been preparing us for Pentecost, as we open up our hearts for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Let us continue praying the Novena to the Holy Spirit. We are now on Day 5. Click here.

And there is more!
Prepare for Pentecost through Sacred Scripture!
Tonite, join us at Scripture Study with Fr Peter Okafor on "Pentecost" & "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. "
We will begin the class by watching the video presentation of Dr. Brant Pitre .
Come pray the Rosary with us at 7pm
Scripture Study is at 8pm
Come in person (rectory dining room) or via Zoom
Click here for the Zoom link

Infinitely more! Starting this Thursday!

 This weekend – Pentecost weekend (June 2, 3 & 4th) , Fr Joseph is inviting us all to join him at the New Jersey Charismatic Conference in Middletown.

This is a mighty gathering of God's people from all over to prepare for Pentecost! So much preparation went into getting this together, including really good speakers. All you need to do is come!

  • Thursday NIGHT, JUNE 2ND 7-9pm
  • Friday NIGHT, JUNE 3RD 7-9pm
  • Saturday ALL DAY JUNE 4TH 9am – 9pm

Normally, this s $50 per ticket- but St Antoninus has a special discount of 50%. So only $25 per person for 3 days!  DISCOUNT CODE: Antoninus

Please email back to the office ( or call 973-623-0258) to let us know if you have registered and if you need a ride:

We are carpooling from St Antoninus.

Thursday night & Friday night- at 5:30 pm
Saturday: 8am

For those interested in coming, please include the following information on your email:

Do you need a ride? 
 [] Thu [] Fri [] Sat

 2. Are you driving your car?
If Yes, can you take passengers ?
How many passengers can you take? _____
[] Thu [] Fri [] Sat

Do you have a car that you can provide for someone else to drive ?  If Yes, pls give us more details.
  [] Thu [] Fri [] Sat

4, Can you drive a rented van ?  
  [] Thu [] Fri [] Sat

Click here to know more about about the Pentecost Crusade (2022 NJ Charismatic Conference)

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday!
This Sunday, June 5th is Pentecost Sunday.
Here at St Antoninus Church, Pentecost Sunday is our parish Feast Day, in that the parish was founded on Pentecost Sunday in 1875 and then re-founded in the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday 1975.
But most of all Pentecost is our feast day because of the work of the Holy Spirit here. That day we will be immersed even more in the fire of the Holy Spirit, to receive even more gifts and blessings for service in His Kingdom! More details on Pentecost Sunday will be posted on Friday for the weekend edition.


If you had not had a chance to read the last week's newsletter- here it is .

Every Wednesday night- our Holy Spirit midweek refreshment!
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Rev. Joseph A. Meagher (Pastor)