Volume XIII, Issue XXXII June 10, 2024

 Dear Erin,            

We are proud to announce that the Class of 2024 of the Diocesan Lay Ministry Program (MFP) will be honored for their completion of the program at a Mass celebrated Bishop Pohlmeier on Sunday, June 16 at 2:00 pm the Cathedral Basilica.

The Mass is open to the public.

“Draw Near and Walk With”:

The Art of Accompaniment in Faith Formation & Ministry

Diocese of St. Augustine

Annual Day of Reflection for Formation Leaders

August 6, 2024

Marywood Retreat Center

We are pleased to welcome back to DOSA:

Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Ben Berinti, CPPS, Pastor

Immaculate Conception Church, Melbourne Beach, FL

Ministry is more “art” than technique because ministry is first and foremost about accompaniment. Jesus demonstrates this for us as the Evangelist Luke shares the post-Resurrection experience and model of faith formation on the “Road to Emmaus”. Gather for an invigorating day of reflection and empowerment and welcome the Lord to warm your heart in preparation for another year of ministry in the Diocese of St. Augustine.

Fr. Ben Berinti, CPPS, is a Missionary of the Precious Blood, and has been serving in the Diocese of Orlando in a variety of ministries for the past 28 years. Fr. Ben is a well-respected pastor, teacher, retreat leader, and writer. He has authored 3 full-length books of spiritual reflections, as well as 4 shorter “chapbooks”. He currently serves on the Provincial Council of the US Province of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Registration will open at the end of June.

40 Old Fashioned Skills that Kids Need to Know Today

Kids already bored and your family (or parish families) is looking for "low-cost entertainment"? Look no further than this simple list of skills that kids need to know. While the list is labeled, "old fashioned", some things just never go out of style.

This item is courtesy of: Teachers Pay Teachers; Kate Hadfield, design and Kimberly Geswain, fonts.

You can visit the website for a larger print version.

Link to original website

Team RCIA is now Team Initiation

While there are opportunities to purchase resources and join with a membership, there are still plenty of free resources from this website, including previous webinars and articles by the founders: Diana Macalintal and Nick Wagner.

Team Initiation

The Diocese of St. Augustine is one of 20 dioceses in the United States to be asked to participate in a 1.3-million-dollar grant given to the NCCL by the Lily Foundation. This grant is to further catechesis with families in our parishes and schools.

Ten of our parishes have been invited to participate in this five-year grant that will reap benefits for all of our parishes. As we move through the initial steps of the grant, we will share the fruits of the labors of each parish's team as they learn ways to put families at the center of formation.

Basic Certification (Level I)

"Catholic School Special"

June 10 -13, 2024

San Juan de Rio Parish Hall, upstairs meeting room hosted by San Juan del Rio School

FULL and closed.

Upcoming locations and dates:

Holy Faith, Gainesville

August 3 and 4

August 17 and 18

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St. John the Baptist, Atlantic Beach

September 7 and 8

September 21 and 22

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St. Luke, Middleburg

November 2 and 3

November 23 and 24

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St. Matthew, Jacksonville

January 11 and 12

January 25 and 26

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A Few of My Favorite Newsletters (besides Echoes)

Yes, it is odd to be promoting other newsletters on a newsletter, but there are so many helpful ones out there. Here are a few of my favorites which subscriptions are all free:

GEMS Great Ideas Mined and Shared is the newsletter of Sr. Janet Schaeffler, O.P. It focuses on adult faith formation. This month issue, which is linked, speaks about beauty and our need for it. Sr. Janet gives examples of what p parishes are doing on her monthly newsletter. All of her newsletters are archived on the site, and you can search by topic.

Jump in Catholic Deacon Matt and Stacey Halbach's blog and monthly newsletter. They support Catholic families with down-to-earth advice, relatable stories, and practical resources that actually work for busy families. Their website has many free resources for the domestic church.

Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers June 2024 This long standing monthly resource, produced by Susan Vogt, has many bulletin worthy tips for couples and families. Susan her husband Jim have been serving in Family Life Ministry for over 40 years. This newsletter is also produced in Spanish. As long as you put her name on the materials, you can print for parish use. Visit her website for more family resources:

Susan Vogt website

NCCL Blog The latest and greatest from NCCL. Subscribe to the blog and it will come right to your inbox.

The Religion Teacher On his weekly newsletter, Jared Dees provides resources on current liturgical year topics. He has a subscription service as week, but the newsletter is free.

Team Initiation, formerly Team RCIA Informative free newsletter. They also provide training in the area of OCIA and other articles. Some have costs involved, but the newsltter is free.

Summer is not a break from our Faith, having a Faith filled summer with your children

by Erin McGeever, published in St. Augustine Catholic Summer, 2022. Full article available by clicking link below.

As the Easter Season ends and the school year winds down, vacation begins. But it is not a vacation from our Catholic faith. How and where do families find spiritual enrichment during the summer months? While we are entering the Ordinary Time of the Church’s liturgical year, there is nothing ordinary about the feasts we have over the summer months that can be highlighted in the home. 

Pentecost Sunday, which is May 19th this year, is followed on May 26th by Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday is a great day to remind children (and adults) of the triune nature of God. Two common prayers accent this for us: the Glory Be and the Sign of the Cross.  Review the significance of these common prayers as a family and create a family table centerpiece of three interwoven circles or another Trinity inspired design. The family itself is an image of the Holy Trinity: “The ‘Christian family is a communion of persons, a sign and image of the communion of the Father, and the Son in the Spirit.” (CCC 2205) For more ideas: https://www.catholicicing.com/trinity-resources-for-catholic-kids/

Summer Formation Article (cont)

  5 Activities to Support Encounter with Christ eBook

What can catechists do in their religious education classrooms to help students encounter Christ? Download an eBook with five fun suggestions for catechesis to provide opportunities for encounter with Christ during and outside the religious education session.

Available in Spanish and English as a free download.

Sadlier free e-book

Continuing Formation

(Level III Opportunities)

Transformative Courses for Catechesis and Faith Formation

Summer 2024 Now Enrolling!

Forming Tomorrow's Disciples (new course)

Jul 17, 2024 - Aug 27, 2024

$60 Enroll

Full Course Description

6-Week Course


Featuring text and videos by Colleen M. Griffith, Hosffman Ospino, Thomas H. Groome, John F. Baldovin, S.J., Andrew R. Davis, L. Callid Keefe-Perry, Melissa M. Kelley, Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Theresa A. O’Keefe, and Richard Lennan

How do we guide others on their faith journeys? Forming disciples requires attention to the whole person. Intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual development are all needed for learners to make meaning and become the persons God calls them to be. This course, designed for faith formation educators (kindergarten to college), explores formative education in a theological context. Topics covered include approaches to Scripture, contextuality, justice, resilience, imagination, communal prayer, and mentoring within a faith formation/educational setting.


  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Formation in Faith
  • Week 3: Approaches to Scripture and Theology
  • Week 4: Fostering Resilience and Imagination
  • Week 5: Cultural Contextuality and Justice
  • Week 6: Communal Prayer and Formative Mentoring

Forming Tomorrow's Disciples

Other courses:

Teaching Religion to Adolescents

Fee: $60

Jul 19, 2023 - Aug 22, 2023

Drawing upon theology, developmental psychology, and religious education, this course addresses the questions: Who are my students? What should I teach? and How do I teach it effectively?

Teaching Religion to Children

Fee: $60

Jul 17, 2024 - Aug 20, 2024

Focused on the elementary and junior high catechist and religious educator, this course explores the fundamental questions facing educators: Who are my students? What should I teach? and How do I teach it effectively? Participants will learn about the developmental needs of their students and their diverse learning styles as well as different strategies and resources to provide a quality faith-based education. This course is not dependent on any catechetical textbook series.

Crossroads link to all summer courses

The Eucharist and Catholic Schools Virtual Conference

The Eucharistic Revival has been important to parishes around the United States. But what does the Revival have to do with Catholic education? With the life of the school? In this six-week virtual conference, Catholic educators will be invited to explore these themes over the course of six weeks. Each week will include opportunities to reflect, watch interviews with theologians, educators, and pastoral leaders related to the Eucharist, read classic texts related to the theme, and practice what you’ve learned through short assignments. In addition, there will be a live session each week on Wednesdays from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Eastern Time, where you’ll be able to dialogue with leaders throughout the United States. Those who complete each of the assignments at the end of each week will earn a certificate from the McGrath Institute for Church Life.

This six-week course is only $40.


This online Conference runs from June 10 through July 24, 2024.

The Eucharist and Catholic Schools

Visit our office website