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“Sweet Dreams”…… Better Sleep for Better Health!

Those lazy dog days of summer have arrived, yet we find ourselves still busy at work and continue trying to master the art of balancing work with our personal life. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of playing catch up in the evenings, whether it be taking work home, caring for our family, personal errands or binging on a TV show we simply can’t give up. Sleep can easily become an afterthought, until the next day, when we wake up and our mind feels cloudy, our body sluggish and our skin looking a bit dull. What if we put some of those things off until the next day?

It's time to start taking beauty sleep seriously. Studies have shown that production levels go up after a good night’s sleep. Your brain is awake and alert so it’s possible that you can actually get more done in less time.

Getting adequate sleep is essential for restoring physical and mental energy. While it can be tempting to put off much needed rest in order to check one more thing off our list, getting an appropriate amount of sleep each night can make all the difference when it comes to feeling bright and energized during the day. Getting enough rest can help with improved focus, creativity, and productivity so it's important to try our best to make sure we’re not skimping out on sleep.

Your body goes through an amazing transformation at night. While you’re getting your zzz’s, your body is hard at work. During non REM sleep your brain releases hormones repairing muscle and tissue. Blood flow and collagen production increase. Your skin absorbs nutrients better so this is when we should be applying all those great anti-aging products. Your immune system is also getting a boost. A good night’s sleep can leave your body feeling refreshed and energized and even leave your skin glowing.


If you find that you’re having difficulty sleeping, try to establish a regular bedtime routine. Sip on a hot cup of chamomile tea while reading a great book. Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary by setting aside devices with screens two hours before bed and avoid caffeine to help set your body up for a restful night of sleep. If there’s light in your room put on a cozy silk eye mask. Additionally, engaging in relaxing activities such as meditation or taking a warm shower before bedtime can make it easier to drift off into a quality slumber. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Remember, getting enough rest is just as important for well-being and productivity as eating right or exercising. Taking the time to prioritize sleep can make a world of difference when it comes to feeling energized and motivated during the day. Quoting the Dalai Lama “Sleep is your best meditation”… make sleep a priority and seize those blissful "sweet dreams".

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” — Akira Kurosawa, Japanese Film Director

Wishing Wellness,



Global Wellness Day, this Saturday June 10th

#DanceMagenta is the theme of Global Wellness Day 2023.


Global Wellness Day is inviting people of all ages to come together and express themselves through dance this year. The color magenta embodies joyfulness, passion, energy and optimism - perfect for getting up and moving.

GWD is an opportunity to recognize the power and importance of dance in our lives. It is a reminder that movement can have a positive impact on physical, mental, and emotional health. Through Global Wellness Day's #DanceMagenta initiative, people around the world are encouraged to get up and move their bodies for the purpose of celebrating life and creating balance. Participating in activities such as dancing can help to reduce stress, foster connection with others, and cultivate a sense of joy and well-being.

So let us take this day to celebrate our resilience, freedom of expression, and commitment to bettering our health - both physically and mentally. Let's DanceMagenta!

Be sure to plan something special at your spa. As your GWD Ambassador, we encourage you to invite your clients and guests to your spa to celebrate #GWD 2023 and create an activity that incorporates dance. Kindly send photos to the FSA and we'll highlight your spa to our wellness community.

Our goal is to raise awareness and cheer on wellness in all its forms!. Together, let us continue to connect to the world through our love of dance.

Remember: living is dancing!


 in Islamorada on Monday, August 21st

It's an event you won't want to miss!


We're ready, set, go for the FSA VACAY at the legendary Cheeca Lodge & Spa,

a premier destination in the heart of the Keys

famous for its stunning ocean views and world-class amenities.

We are truly excited to re-unite our spa community at this amazing location

for a memorable experience to connect with spa professional, discover

new products, trends, and gain insights into our wellness environment!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience and explore the

deluxe grounds that will take your breath away.


Get ready to CONNECT, PLAY, & VACAY!


Don’t miss this ultimate getaway and make lasting memories with us!

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The International Spa Association (ISPA) annual conference was an incredible event that brought together spa professionals from around the country and beyond.

From educational workshops to inspirational keynote speakers, this gathering of spa industry professionals provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving spa industry.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to network and share best practices with peers.

The conference was also a great way for spa professionals to stay up-to-date on new products and services that can help improve business operations. From relaxing massage treatments to innovative technological therapies, there were plenty of inspiring ideas. Overall, the IPSA's annual conference was an exciting and enlightening experience that has left spa professionals with a renewed sense of purpose and ideas for taking their businesses to the next level. Thank you, ISPA, for such an amazing event!


Congratulations to our Movers & Shakers

 Our extraordinary Spa Industry is continuously evolving through innovation and transformation.

Highly appreciated professionals in the Spa community take on new challenges and positions

as they start a new venture in their career.

Damien Craft, Owner, DPC Wellness & Spa Consulting

Congratulations to Damien on his new journey as owner of DPC Wellness & Spa Consulting. Damien is an experienced senior spa professional with nearly 20 years of service at prestigious properties such as The Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Canyon Ranch and most recently at the Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences where he contributed to the development of the property. He prides himself on providing the highest quality services for his clients while ensuring that each project is tailored to meet their exact needs. Damien's experience, insights, and foresight have enabled him to excel at creating and managing exceptional service teams with direct impact on clients' satisfaction. His in-depth knowledge of current trends in spa treatments and customer expectations, allow him to design and implement outstanding services that meet the standards of the world’s most renowned hospitality brands.

We wish Damien all the best in his new venture! His dedication to excellence is sure to make a positive impact in the industry as he continues to set a high standard for spa and wellness services.

Victoria Nickle – Wellness Consultant at Soho House & Co

Victoria’s highly professional background has recently led her to her new role as Wellness Consultant for Soho House and Co. Her previous roles include Senior Director at The Four Seasons where she worked for over 10 years and as Executive Director at the California Health & Longevity Institute. 

Victoria is committed to providing the highest quality service to guests, as well as developing a positive culture of wellness that promotes healthy lifestyles. Her extensive experience and passion in Health & Wellness Programming and Operations is about inspiring others to lead healthier lifestyles and believes that wellness should be accessible to everyone.. With her dedication to excellence, guests will experience the best in health and well-being at Soho House & Co. .

Congratulations to Victoria on her new venture.


"Voice-It" Spa Talk with Mitchell

Laugh your way to the top!

Are you the kind of boss that your team can count on to lighten things up? If so, good for you! It strengthens the bonds between management & staff, and between staff and your customers. We say at my property that a problem here is not a “real world” problem. By that we mean that we get so laser-focused on perfection that even the slightest wrinkle in our 5-star fabric prompts someone to scream, “Call 911 and bring the AED!” Some issues are not as mission critical as they seem. Heck, even a stopped clock is right twice a day! Once we put things back into perspective, we can then be a source of leadership as well as a source of levity. Do you think your dedication to numbers and protocols will win you the “Spa Director of the Year Award?” Spoiler alert, No. But your team might just recall one of your silly jokes or funny stories, re-tell it and credit YOU with being the kind of boss who keeps the team together with a round of laughter as well as sound leadership. Which reminds me of a joke…Did you hear about the first restaurant to open on the moon? The food was cold and there was no atmosphere! Ha! That one’s as old as my grandmother’s feet & twice as corny! OK, I’ll stop there ;0)


Always my best,

Mitchell Berkman

Spa & Wellness Director

Porto Vita Club at Villa Grande

FSA Board Member


Heather Rachels Harper, Director of Spa, The EDITION Tampa

We are so excited at the announcement of Heather on her new appointment as Director of Spa, having joined the Marriott team recently.


Heather brings over 20 years of Spa Leadership experience with her. Amongst other properties, she has managed Spas at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Oconee, Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes and the Vinoy in her last portion at the Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club, a prestigious private club. Heather has led her team through a $2.2M renovation with increased revenue year over year.


Heather loves the gym and fitness classes are her favorite. Zumba, hip-hop you name it! And loves anything outdoors to soak up that Vitamin D. Heather has a passion for music, from concerts to dive bars, to the radio. She love it all. Heather loves discovering new restaurants and enjoys experiencing the unique flavors of different cuisines. You can probably catch Heather enjoying her favorite cocktail, a spicy jalapeno margarita! And finally on the top of her list, she relishes anything skincare and wellness related.


However the best time spent is enjoying quality time with her daughter and grandson…they make her world go round!


We're thrilled to welcome Heather back to Florida.... Congratulations!


As acceptance of CBD rises, the need for high quality authentic products that address the needs

of the Health and Wellness industry has become clearer. On The Green CBD has become the

most trusted source of products uniquely designed to address the specific needs of the       

“Spa & Wellness” and “Golf & Fitness” industries gaining a reputation for developing the most authentic products by combining the highest quality of all natural essential oils,

botanical ingredients with broad-spectrum CBD oil.


Neil Fishenden


An entrepreneurial senior executive with a deep background in sales and market

development and decades of experience leading start-up operations, Neil is co-

founder of On The Green. He is responsible

for all aspects of the company’s sales and business developments

Neil Fishenden


Nick moved from the U.K. to California in 2008 to attend the Golf Academy of America. There, he obtained a degree in business and golf management and went on to start his career

as a budding touring professional, playing on the Gateway Tour and attending Q-School for several years.


On the Green was born after Nick sadly experienced a career-ending back injury, which led him to rethinking his long-term future and joining the world's largest and most established CBD company, where he led International Sales. With Nick’s in-depth knowledge of the rapidly growing CBD industry, he become a leading advocate of the science and benefits to be derived for consumers whether refined athletes or more general users.


In June of 2019, Nick approached his father, Neil, with his idea for On The Green CBD. As a career entrepreneur, having led several start-ups and spent decades developing operations around the world, Neil immediately recognized the extraordinary potential for CBD across the Private Club, Resort and Spa industries.


With Nick's knowledge of the CBD industry and Neil's experience and expertise in international investment, along with their combined passion for golf, fitness, spa & wellness the two have uniquely positioned On The Green CBD as the authority on CBD wellness with their “Spa & Wellness” and “Golf & Fitness” product collections.


The most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source…NATURE. 

On The Green CBD Spa & Wellness Collection is formulated with the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil and packed with powerful healing essential oils and naturally occurring terpenes, designed to work together to create whole body wellness, OTG delivers outstanding solutions that restore, de-age and revitalize for the healthiest and most radiant skin ever.  

Retail & Back-Bar Professional products


Made by Golfers for Golfers

Their Science focuses on proprietary blends of CBD compounds and terpenes to address specific

issues common to golfers and athletes. Throughout the Golf & Fitness Collection their aim is to


Tinctures, Capsules, Edibles and Topicals for everyone’s needs. 

 To learn More about On The Green CBD visit


There’s a new way to travel between Central and

South Florida

Service begins this Summer!

Brightline unveils shiny new passenger station at Orlando International Airport

Orlandoans looking to hit the beach in South Florida will soon have a speedy new way to get to Miami, and South Floridians will be able to make the trip to Disney and Universal with ease. The highly anticipated Brightline Orlando Station at Orlando International Airport (MCO) was officially unveiled, marking the next step in connecting Central and South Florida with modern, eco-friendly rail travel.

Service begins this Summer and includes 16 daily round trips with hourly departures between Miami and Orlando. Brightline’s non-stop trains have a run time between Miami and Orlando of two hours and 59 minutes!

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Aesthetic Trends from Annual Facial Plastic Surgery Survey Revealed

As Americans Return to The Office, AAFPRS Unveils Aesthetic Trends

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the world’s largest association of facial plastic surgeons, recently released its 2022 member survey outcomes. With in-person work, events, and socializing moving towards a return to pre-pandemic levels, 2022, like 2021, saw an increase in demand for facial plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. In fact, 58 percent of AAFPRS facial plastic surgeons report an increase in bookings and treatments over the past year, with more than 75 percent indicating they have seen a bump of more than 10 percent in patient demand.

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Burnout Retreats Are the Latest Wellness Cure for White-Collar Wipeout

Cutting-edge medical treatments meet hardcore rest and relaxation at these elite, rehab-style clinics.

Passing out at 36,000 feet was the wake-up call for Jenny Graham. The businesswoman, who worked for multimillion-dollar concierge firm Quintessentially Ltd. in London, had struggled with insomnia and stomach upsets for some time, but she dismissed it as typical stress. “I was just pushing, pushing on the ambition trail,” she says now. But when she woke up in a stranger’s arms somewhere over Middle America, she recognized there was a bigger problem.

Doctors, including a neurologist, eventually confirmed it. Bloodwork, EEGs and an adrenocortex stress test all supported one diagnosis: Her body was burned out. Cortisol, the stress hormone, was rampant—leaving her permanently turned up to 11. It was a life-changing moment, setting her on an entirely new career path.

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As Microplastics Amass, Our Planet’s Plastic Problem Is Getting Personal

How the “forever” remnants of our plastic pollution are now threatening the integrity of key ecosystems we rely on to live and jeopardizing our health

A floating “island” in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas, the conglomerate of plastic trash known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch bobs in the breeze, filled with straws that can lodge in the noses of turtles and six-pack rings and bottle caps that can strangle and choke sea creatures. It conjures a compelling visual—even if it falsely implies that the plastic-waste issue is contained, harming only the animals unlucky enough to brush up against the mass. 

But what recent research suggests is that such easily visible garbage is “just the very tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the world’s plastic problem, says Matt Simon, science reporter at Wired and author of A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies. Beneath the surface, both literally and figuratively, is a massive number (in the trillions) of tiny microplastics and even tinier nanoplastics that are “accessible to the entire tree of life,” he says.

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