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October 2020 Volume 145
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As this crazy year hurtles towards its November denouement, intensity is peaking via patterns in the skies.
I’m writing this in the last days of September, leading up to what might be an incredibly momentous October, which has, starting tomorrow and into mid-month, not one but three planetary stations. Some of you may know a smattering of astrology; some of you may know a lot. Planetary stations are a type of transit. Transits are what is going on in the sky in real time each day, each month, each year, and is one of the main ways that astrologers make forecasts. If the planet in play is a personal planet, you will feel the effect in your own life; if the planet is what’s called an Outer Planet, the whole world may feel the effect.
I am writing under the Saturn station. Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma, and so for some people life may be difficult right now, and if negative karma is due, this is around the time it will show its consequences. Pluto will station very nearby to Saturn and also square to Mars up in the sky, and these three planets are not friendly to each other in this configuration. So, we can expect some kind of fireworks very soon.
Personally, in a situation such as my own, the pattern affects to some degree my health, and the health or emotions of two of my children because the energy, which is always more intense on the station, is in an unpleasant aspect. And thus I have concern for both of them, not so much for myself. For my third kid, and myself, these two aspects are relatively benign since they are forming supportive configurations [yes, it’s possible to have two contradictory aspects at the same time], and therefore we might expect some nicer outcomes.
By the way, a planetary station is astronomically an illusion whereby it seems to stand still in relationship to its and Earth’s orbits around the Sun, and soon looks as if it is overtaking us or falling backwards. This is relative motion to our own earthly position but over the eons has proven to have an effect our lives. As above, so below. Transits are one of the key ways astrologers do what we do. The mystery is how celestial events tie together with human lives. I may explain more in future newsletters, but for now, just know that we don’t pluck something out of the air when we make a prediction. We are actually doing math and following the same planetary movements as NASA does for its space shots. Our interpretations may vary, and we may be more or less accurate in these interpretations, but the math has to be there or it’s not real astrology.
So, what to expect this first week in October? Only four weeks before our national elections? I would say that people will feel stressed and that there could be some very angry outbursts, but I can also say that people can do inner work before these events occur, whatever they may be. To stay calm, grounded, observant, and centered.
Mercury goes retrograde in the middle of the month, and that always allows us to go back over plans, ideas, thoughts, decisions, and to reconsider them. If the world seems to be going haywire, try to remain in your own bubble of self-created reality, deal with any karmic difficulties, be compassionate, and find your moments of joy. For all we know, maybe this transit is helping us become wiser and more empowered with every challenge!
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my newest article, "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, now archived.
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There is much idealism, hope, and optimism for the World this month (Neptune sextile Jupiter). However, the first is an important date indicating frustration and tensions (Saturn square Mars; Full Moon in Aries opposite Sun), and the 4th brings rage to a peak (Pluto station direct square Mars). By mid-month, diplomacy is available (Mercury station retrograde sextile Venus) but it’s a tough sell with a new start regarding uprisings (New Moon square Pluto, square Mars). The 19th – 20th brings cause to celebrate (Venus trine Jupiter) but upsetting news as well (Mercury station retrograde opposite Uranus). Week 3 shows more fiery events (Mars square Jupiter) but good economic results (Venus trine Saturn/Pluto). A sudden surprise is possible at Halloween (Full Moon conjunct Uranus).
The U.S. can succeed in making dreams and ideals more practical this month despite the ongoing rage and violence (Saturn trine U.S. progressed Neptune; Pluto station direct trine U.S. Neptune exact, quinqunx U.S. Mars). Week 1 shows arguing and yelling but also some pleasantries (Mars square U.S. Mercury/progressed NN; Venus sextile U.S. Venus/Jupiter). Week 2 indicates much effort to make peace and be generous (Venus conjunct U.S. progressed ASC in H9, opposite U.S. progressed Sun). Mid-month brings blessings, stability, and intense but therapeutic feelings with the opportunity to revisit financial plans such as the next stimulus package (Venus sextile U.S. Sun; Mars sextile U.S. Mars; U.S. progressed Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Pluto; Mercury station retrograde trine U.S. progressed Fortuna in H8). Week 3 can bring a show of force (NN conjunct U.S. Mars). After the 29th, the nation’s focus will shift to science, technology, and humanitarian organizations (U.S. progressed Moon enters Aquarius).
President Trump finds Week 1 to be challenging and restrictive (Pluto station direct opposite his Saturn; Mars square his Saturn) but he remains confident and popular (Mars opposite his Jupiter; Venus conjunct his ASC/progressed Sun). Week 2 brings high energy (Mars sextile his progressed Uranus/NN, trine his Moon). On the 13th, he feels stressed and must watch his words (Mercury station retrograde square his Pluto). Week 3 is full of blame, upsetting surprises, and negativity (Mars opposite his Venus; his progressed Moon square his Uranus; and Saturn opposite his Venus for the last time). Week 4 shows strength, generosity, and great news via brilliant ideas (Mars trine his progressed Mercury, sextile his Uranus; Jupiter square his progressed Venus; Uranus sextile his Mercury).
Nancy Pelosi continues to spearhead the “resistance” (Pluto station direct square her NN, trine her Neptune, trine her progressed Uranus). On the 14th, she may go off on an emotional rant (Mercury station retrograde conjunct her Moon exact).
Joe Biden finds the month quite discombobulating, possibly even being asked to remove himself from the race (his progressed Moon square his Uranus). He remains unclear, delusional, perhaps over-drugged (Neptune conjunct his IC).
My Election predictions, which I have already posted elsewhere, are that the ballot counting continues until November 14th – 15th (Mars station direct; New Moon) at which point Donald J. Trump is declared the winner (NN conjunct his NN exact, trine his progressed Venus exact), and Kamala Harris is defeated (Saturn begins a t-square to her Sun and Moon).

For more forecasts, check out my article: "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets", now posted on my website.  

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