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January 2022 Volume 158
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The new year dawns. Will it bring dramatic transformation (for good or for bad) or more of the same negativity we’ve been dealing with for two years, ever since Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction in January 2020? I vote for more positivity, especially in the spring, because the celestial aspects form better patterns for our nation and the whole world, along with a diminishing effect of Covid-19 despite what Fauci et al want us to believe.
Aren’t you tired of anxiety and isolation from family and friends? I know I am! If changing our thoughts changes our reality, it’s time to do something about it… internally. That means replacing fear with faith (remember last month’s Personal Note?), and deciding that you are in charge of your fate.
How do you do that? Well, I’ll give you an example: twice in my life doctors were sure I had cancer. They biopsied my breast and years later my liver. Both times in my mind I didn’t “believe” in cancer. One doctor, I felt, might even have been disappointed that my reaction to the happy report was nonchalance! (I expected the result, so didn’t get all thrilled at the news.) Here’s another example: a client also had a biopsy. She saw me before she heard her results, all nervous and full of anxiety. I told her that at this moment it was just a smudge on an image, and she could in her mind decide whether it was cancer or not! She couldn’t grasp this, so I wasn’t able to help her. She had choice but didn’t realize she could use it. She wasn’t ready for what quantum physics now tells us: conscious attention collapses the wave function, thereby creating the reality you (the observer) consciously or unconsciously choose.
Now, sometimes your aspects (karma) require an illness. Many things, I’ve learned in all these many years of psychic and analytic insights, are gained from such from the soul’s point of view. You may need to regain strength (empowerment) to overcome disease. Or you may need to learn compassion. Or self-worth. Or many other lessons. By living with your aspects, you may achieve serenity (be Zen). Everything in life is a teaching. How good a student are you?
Boy, I’ve had many lessons in this life… and am still having them! Nobody’s immune from this. Everybody has Saturn (Lord of Karma) somewhere in their horoscope. If we can figure out the lesson it’s giving us, we can shorten and/or mitigate it. That’s the truth! We can overcome our Saturn!
Happy New Year to all, and may all sentient beings be blessed.


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Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 

P.S. Check out my various articles from the now-defunct Dell Horoscope magazine, now archived on my website.
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For the World, Week 1 sees a positive fresh start regarding business and big institutions (New Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus, semi-sextile Saturn, semi-sextile Mars). From the 14th-19th, there is unsettling news regarding currencies, with possible internet restrictions (Mercury station retrograde square Uranus, conjunct Saturn; Uranus station direct in Taurus square Mercury). Pressurized transformations occur between the needs of families and care versus money and business (Full Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto). The focus moves away from communications, and more towards money, land, and property (NN out of Gemini, into Taurus). The end of the month feels lucky and jubilant (Venus station direct in Capricorn trine Uranus), whereas it is a very intense period for decisions and plans (Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto).
The U.S. sees a new start for the economy in Week 1 (New Moon in Capricorn H2 opposite U.S. Sun). Mid-month feels celebratory (Jupiter trine U.S. Venus, conjunct U.S. p2Venus). There is good news on the 14th (Mercury station retrograde sextile U.S. ASC, trine U.S. Uranus). The 17th is fortunate for the markets (Full Moon conjunct U.S. PF in Capricorn H8). The nation is both assertive and innovative, perhaps regarding technology, on the 18th (U.S. p2Moon trine U.S. p2Mars; Uranus station direct). Week 3 indicates overdoing (Jupiter square U.S. p2MC), and there is still weakness caused by infection during the second half of the month (Neptune square U.S. Mars). The last third is favorable for financial security, banking, and real estate (NN in Taurus trine U.S. Pluto). Week 4 shows a revamping of the media (Mercury retrograde conjunct U.S. Pluto) and the opportunity to gain or prosper via allies (Jupiter trine U.S. Jupiter in H7). The 29th is pleasant and gainful (Venus station direct), and month’s end provides constructive ideas (Saturn trine U.S. Saturn) though we can be whooping it up too much (Mars opposite U.S Venus)!
Trump is very busy this month. On the 2nd, he is at his best (Jupiter trine his p2ASC) although still under restrictions (Saturn opposite his p2Pluto). On the 6th, his energy is high and his pacing is steady (Mars sextile his Jupiter; Saturn trine his p2Mars) yet he is unclear of the right path (Neptune square his NN). There are challenges, even danger, from the 7th-12th (Mars opposite his Uranus), but the 10th is great for deals and/or speeches (Mars trine his p2Mercury). He controls his words carefully on the 14th but is forceful (Mercury station retrograde opposite his Pluto exact, trine his p2Mars). The 17th shows gain via friends, groups or organizations (Full Moon conjunct his Venus in H11) but the 18th indicates upsets (Uranus station direct square his Pluto exact). He is over-generous or too trusting on the 23rd (Jupiter opposite his p2 Sun; Neptune square his Moon), yet enjoys happy popularity on the 25th (his p2Venus sextile his Moon). He is courageous and energetic regarding all challenges on the 31st (Mars trine his p2Sun; Neptune square his Uranus).
Nancy Pelosi remains under a fantasy all month, perhaps from over-imbibing (Neptune opposite her p2Neptune), yet is very tense (Uranus station direct conjunct her p2Saturn exact). The 17th brings a crisis regarding friends or family, or even her organization, the DNC (Full Moon in Cancer opposite her Saturn).
Ghislaine Maxwell (12/25/61, 3:20 PM, Maisons Laffitte, FR) is dealing with her negative karmic dues now, and is quite confused about her beliefs (Saturn conjunct her MC/Jupiter; Uranus opposite her Neptune, both triggering her t-square). The 17th brings difficult matters to a head involving herself, males, assets, and sex (Full Moon in H3 opposite her Saturn; Saturn being the ruler of her Sun and H8). In Week 3 she is sorrowful (Saturn opposite her Moon).
For more forecasts, check out my article: "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets", now posted on my website.  

(c) 2022 by Judi Thomases.
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“What a Beautiful Newsletter. Thank you for writing monthly, At a time when everything seems so dark. Reading your words is the medicine we need to stay on track and have faith. Thank you, Thank You. Keep doing what you do. You are so appreciated.” - Judy H., NY
“Dear Ms. Judi! Thanks a million for this month's newsletter. Your words of encouragement and the reminder of having faith are very timely and helpful. The words of hope from The Brotherhood of Light are especially comforting. Thank you and may all good things come to you!” – Diana K., CA
“Hi Judi, Thanks for sending Spirit Words. I always enjoy receiving and reading it. I Love the A Personal Note in this issue. Sage wisdom for this remarkable moment we are living in. Here is the show that you and I did on the Tarot, New Perspectives, along with the whole archive of our shows, going way back but not quite to the very first show which you, Rory and I did above the Hudson House restaurant. New Perspectives Radio 06 11 15 - YouTube. Here is the whole archive. It is quite remarkable not only how many shows were done but the show titles and the subject matter. I loved being involved in New Perspectives and doing the shows and having such a stimulating dialog with many good people. I believe it was your original idea, so, many, many thanks to you Judi. Internet Radio: Rockland World Radio - New Perspectives. Blessings to you and Carl for the Holiday Season and the New Year. Much love,” – Paul L., Qi Gong practitioner, NJ

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