Mo. Wing Assists
St. Louis Co. During COVID-19 Response

Missouri Wing members are assisting the St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center during the COVID-19 crisis, initially by providing ground transportation of needed personal protective equipment (PPE) from out-of-state vendors for first responders’ use and then by helping inventory, sort and distribute the equipment at the EOC’s central warehouse.

The wing members assisting including the pair seen here preparing hand sanitizer for distribution are not interacting with the public and are screened daily (including temperature checks) by the EOC before participating.
Ala., Fla. Members Combine for Remote Tabletop Exercise

Eighteen senior members and cadets from Alabama Wing Group 2 and Florida Wing Group 1 participated in a virtual training exercise using Google Meet – a first for both since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The exercise focused on techniques for operating under conditions replicating a natural disaster scenario, including lack of telephone communications and local power.
Willa Brown: Pioneer Female Flyer, Racial Equality Advocate

CAP Lt. Willa Brown was a pioneer in aviation. In recognition of her impact on the field, Cadet Programs recently honored Brown by naming Achievement 10 after her. 

For Women's History Month, CAP recognizes her contributions to to aviation, to the campaign for racial equality and to Civil Air Patrol itself. You can read more about her in Women in Aviation, Vol.1, available to order or download in eServices.
NHQ News
New Cadets & Attendance;
Curry Achievement Uniform Waiver
Participating in three squadron meetings before applying for membership remains a prerequisite ( CAPR 39-2, 2.2.8) for prospective cadets, but commanders may count virtual meetings toward that requirement during the COVID-19 emergency.
Uniforms & Curry Achievement. To earn Achievement 1, the Curry, cadets ordinarily must possess a CAP uniform and wear it properly ( CAPR 60-1, 5.2.3). This requirement is temporarily waived during the current crisis.
Deadlines Set for SLS, CLC, UCC Applications

In light of the coming transition from the legacy Professional Development program to the new senior member Education and Training Program in August, the National Headquarters-hosted online SLS and CLC courses and UCC are being phased out.

To accommodate those who have already applied and been approved, as well as those who have applications awaiting commander approval in the system, the cutoff date for new SLS/CLC applications initiated through the “Distance Learning Application Enrollment” portal in eServices is April 3. The UCC application deadline is May 1.
Cadet Senior Airman Truman Reynolds of the Texas Wing’s Pegasus Composite Squadron works on his rocketry badge while observing social distancing. 
Aerospace Education Offering Online Resources
Aerospace Education is providing aerospace/STEM resources via a new AE at Home Resources webpage for use when groups of cadets and students cannot gather because of COVID-19 precautions and closings. 

The new page is being updated regularly and will include video lessons conducted and submitted by squadron AEOs, educators and AE National Headquarters.

This page and other resources are also being collected and shared on the CAP Aerospace Education Facebook page. Items for submissions are encouraged to add to this repository by emailing AE
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Do you have your grandfather’s watch and your great-aunt’s necklace in a safety deposit box no one knows about? What about documents your family may need access to? Do you know where – and how much – your assets are? Although it may not be on your list of leisure activities, preparing your estate plan can help you prepare for the future and provide confidence and clarity to your family and children. 

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Coronavir us & CAP --
Stay Informed
Make sure to watch for the Special Bulletins that National Headquarters has been emailing the membership to announce CAP's latest actions regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on the organization's policies and activities.

In addition, the latest updates can always be found on and
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