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Regulatory News of Industrial Chemicals 
Draft Rules for New Substance and Existing Substance Registration under Revised TCSCA


Draft rules for the registration of new and existing chemical substances under the revised Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA) was published by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on 25 August, the draft is on public consultation stage and the rule will take effect on 11 December 2014. CIRS summaries major points of the rules. 


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The Guidance Document for New Chemical Substance Notification in China Is Now being amended

The revision of Guidance Document for New Chemical Substance Notification attracts most public attention since the Provision on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order No. 7) was implemented in 2010. CIRS is one of the agencies to be invited by the MEP-SCC , the main authority who will take the responsibilities in getting involved with different stakeholders, conducting surveys and communicate with representative agencies ,for public consultation.

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China MPS Notice: The Administrative Measures for Purchasing and Transporting Licenses of Highly Toxic Chemicals (Revised Draft) Seeking Public Consultation

September 5th 2014, The Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) published a notice to collect public advice for the Administrative Measures for Purchasing and Road Transporting of Highly Toxic Chemicals (Revised Draft). The implementation of this order not only provided the legal basis for the strict management of highly toxic chemicals, but also effectively prevented the accidents involved highly toxic chemicals from happening.


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China MEP Issued the 12th and 13th Batch of China New Chemical Substance Notifications to Be Approved


September 17th 2014, The Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) has issued the 12th and 13th batch of China new chemical substance notifications to be approved for public consultations. Notification certificates will be issued shortly if there is no objection from the public.


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Amending Safety Production Law was promulgated by President Xi Jinping, 31 August, 2014


On August 31st 2014,the revised Safe Production Law was promulgated by the president Xi Jinping at Twelfth session of the tenth the Standing Committee meeting. It was regarded as the first and biggest revision of Safety Production Law in China in the late 12 years. 52 articles have been changed, and the penatly to the industies which have illegal behavior increased in the revised Law. This revised law will come into force on Dec 1st 2014.


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 SAWS Published an Official Notice on the Qualification of Testing Institution for the Physical Risk of Chemicals


September 4th 2014, the office of SAWS (State Administration for Work Safety) published a notice on the qualification of testing institution of the physical hazards of chemicals (SAWS Order No. 60). This Order elaborated the specific requirements that a qualified institution must possess. The aspects like brilliant expertise, advanced techniques and skills, 

completed experimental facilities and scientific management are regarded as the vital elements in evaluation. According to the Notice,only those institutions who meet all requirements  listed can be qualified as testing institution for  physical hazards of chemicals in China.

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Food and Food-related Regulatory News 

NHFPC published official notice on 14 chemicals usage to FCM for public consultation



National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of China published an official notice regarding the approval for chemical additives usage in food contact materials (FCM) and new food contact materials for public consultation in China on August 8th, 2014.


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How to check whether the food ingredients are compliant with Chinese regulations?


 For imported foods, compliance with regulations in China is very important. CIRS has prepared a guidance document to help food trading companies to check whether the ingredients can be used in specific products or not. There are 3 steps about how to check ingredients and 3 checkpoints helping you check the compliance of a food additive. Furthermore, here we offered you the recommends about what food companies shall do before exporting foods into China. 


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Pesticide Registration News

China MOA Notice No.2148: 190 laboratories are approved to conduct test for Pesticide Registration in China


For the purpose of strengthening objectivity and science of data and materials used in pesticide registration in China, the notice No. 2148 has been published by MOA (the Ministry of Agriculture). In this notice, 190 laboratories have been approved to be the designated testing laboratories of pesticide registration. The approved testing items include field efficacy, residue, environment behavior, environmental toxicology and toxicology.What's more, there are 85 agricultural pesticide laboratories and 34 special pesticide laboratories can perform the efficacy tests. Meanwhile, there are 50 laboratories can perform residue tests.


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