The Temple of The Presence Presents:

The New Year's Conclave

Beloved Torch Bearers and Light Bearers!

We welcome you to our New Year's Conclave, The Great I AM! Rejoicing in the Omnipotent, Sacred God Consciousness! Love! Joy! Peace! Purity! Perfection! Divinity! Freedom!, that will take place December 27-31, 2023. Join us for a glorious celebration of The Great I AM. Discover the tangibility and awesomeness of the Presence of God and the great Providential Love that you are held within, moment by moment. Return once more to the edenic, pristine Purity and God Consciousness of your Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.

We also invite you to the Acropolis Sophia that will follow, Charging Forth the Avalanche of Ascended Master Light! Invoking the Supra Fullness of your God Presence, from January 1-7, 2024. Enter into the All-Powerful Light of your Mighty I AM Presence and learn to invoke this Avalanche of Ascended Master Light into your life and the world around you.

Look for our formal mailing brochure that will be winging its way to you soon. You may participate in-person here at Coeur de Lion or online via our streaming video broadcast program. Please see the registration information below. Feel free to contact us at (520) 751-2039 if you have any questions.

In Service and Love,

The Temple of The Presence

Poster Brochure

Please click on the thumbnail below to download the poster brochure for this upcoming Conclave.

The Voice from The Temple

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The Voice from The Temple from Beloved Jesus and Archangel Chamuel.

Voice from The Temple

Beloved Jesus

Voice from The Temple

Beloved Chamuel


We have resumed in-person participation for Conferences and Acropolis Sophias at Morya House. Please see the COVID considerations below. We are continuing to use our online registration process and ask that you register in advance by using these links. Registration will not be available on-site.


Conference Registration Link

Acropolis Sophia Registration Link

Existing Torch Bearers only: Be sure you are active! Existing Torch Bearers need to maintain active Torch Bearer status to participate in both the Conference and Acropolis Sophia, in person or via video streaming. An active Torch Bearer is one who has tithed for 4 out of the last 6 months, or 8 out of the last 12 months. If you need to renew your active status, please contact us at 520-751-2039.



Please bear in mind that social distancing will be optional for all Services and other group events here, and therefore six feet of separation will most likely not be possible when attendance is high. Also mask wearing and vaccinations will be optional.


In light of these voluntary optional choices, those with impaired health who remain concerned about contracting Covid 19 should continue participating online and follow the advice of their doctor. Anyone with a fever or who is otherwise feeling sick must participate from home.


We are sure you understand that those who do elect to resume attendance at Services or volunteering here at Morya House are asked to take full personal responsibility for their own decision to resume in-person participation. There will be a form memorializing this understanding for everyone attending in person when they first return. 

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