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NODCC Community Members Take A Variety of Beautiful Next Steps After Completing High School

By Miriam Bernard

It’s that “graduation” time of year, and so many NODCC Community Members are moving on to exciting new opportunities and horizons! Allow this collection of secondary education experiences from our NODCC family to inspire you to keep pushing forward and chasing goals. As you can see below, there’s a perfect “next step” for every person!

Christine Williams, Mother of Valerie Williams, ACC

For Valerie,  we began our search for her “next step” after high school very early, six months to a year prior to her “graduation” date. Valerie’s next step would be an adult day program, which we still call school. We visited many programs and feel so fortunate to have found a program that Valerie loves. Every day the teachers look to Valerie’s strengths without limiting her, they look to see why she does the things she does and try to expand her current knowledge base. We have seen such a change in her social and communication abilities. School has a different theme each day – karaoke, gardening, exercise, outdoor activities, etc. The last family event that she attended had dancing, Val had so much fun dancing (hasn’t really enjoyed dancing in the past) – just one of the things we attribute to her school and variety of activities. Valerie loves to go to school each day – she loves to see her teachers and the other students that go to school with her – has been great fun to watch her grow.

Claire Costa

I have C-ACC and I went to a university and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I have been a preschool teacher for almost 9 years.

Nathan Barge (Adult with C-ACC)

I began my college career at a community college, however, did not get very far with academics. I was lucky enough to find a 4-year college to transfer to (Edgewood College in Madison, WI), which had an amazing program for students with various intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program is called "Cutting Edge." Through it, I have learned many skills for the independent living, social, and vocational as well as providing me more confidence in what I want to pursue for a career. In May 2023, I will be graduating with a BA in Communications with a concentration in Digital Marketing. If not for Cutting Edge, I would not have been able to have all the success that has led me to where I am today. I do not have a job locked down yet, but am confident that I am on the right path as I transition into the real world. I am keeping multiple options as I continue the job hunt. Something else that I never thought would be a possibility was just brought into discussion just a couple weeks ago- the potential of grad school. Since I took a while to get through undergrad, I never even considered this option, however, since I have been able to succeed at such a high level thanks to the Cutting Edge program, I have had a few advisors approach me asking that I consider taking next steps as I continue to pursue my dream of working in the sports media career field. If I end up attending grad school, I would also have a grad position with my school's athletics department assisting with the Sports Information Department. I look forward to what the future holds, but will always be grateful to Cutting Edge for all that they have done to support me along the way.

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NODCC 2023

Walk, Run & Roll

The NODCC 1st Annual Walk, Run & Roll event is officially underway. Click the button below to sign-up, create a page on Mightycause, or donate today!

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May & June Schedule

Connecting people affected by disorders of the corpus callosum is at the heart of what we do at the NODCC. We are excited to increase and improve our community sessions this year and offer presentations and discussions with experts.

Full session descriptions and registration links for each call are included below. Register for the upcoming calls and watch for details on more sessions coming soon!

Moms of the NODCC

May 11, 2023

4:30 pm PST / 5:30 pm MST/

6:30 pm CST / 7:30 pm EST

This is a meet and greet session for moms who have a child with a disorder of the corpus callosum. 

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May Regional Gathering

May 13, 2023


Join us for our May regional gathering in Southern California!

Where: 14731 Holly Oak Ave, Irvine CA 92606

RSVP: Contact Barbara Fonseca at Please include the number of people attending.

You are invited to join us for an early dinner and to connect with DCC families in the Southern California area. Dinner will be provided. Please join us for food, fun, and fellowship. We hope to see you there!

Adults with a DCC

June 1, 2023

5:00 pm PST / 6:00 pm MST/

7:00 pm CST / 8:00 pm EST

This is a meet and greet session for adults with a disorder of the corpus callosum.

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Expectant Parents and Parents of Newborns with a DCC

June 3, 2023

11:00am PST / 12:00pm MST/ 1:00 pm CST / 2:00 pm EST

This is a meet and greet session for parents who have newborns or are currently pregnant with a baby with a disorder of the corpus callosum.

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Grandparents of the NODCC

June 24, 2023

8:30 am PST / 9:30 am MST/

10:30 am CST / 11:30 am EST

This is a meet and greet session for grandparents who have a grandchild with a disorder of the corpus callosum. 

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DC Olam's Piggybank Grant Recipient Check-In:

The Deschenes Family

By Miriam Bernard

Thanks to a generous grant from The Swan Foundation, the NODCC provides twice-yearly grants to families and individuals that need assistive devices and technologies. Through research, Samantha prepared a list of various programs that might offer opportunities for her family to add needed devices that would enrich Desmond’s quality of life. When she learned of Olam’s Piggybank, she thought this could be an opportunity for her family to acquire the special assistive sled so that Desmond could safely enjoy sledding. Samantha decided to apply for the Olam’s Piggybank grant.

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