Creative Ways to Support ACHC
Order and Purchase MUMS Online -click here.
Get ready for Fall, and support the ACHC. You can click on the link above to order and pay for your mums. Red, Orange , Yellow, Pink, Purple, and White
$6.00 each or 4 mums for $20.00
Pick up to be determined, approximately Sept 17-20
Join us at Miller's Hawkins for Ribs
Join us on Friday, September 18, 2020
at Hawkins' Parking lot.

Hawkins has offered us an opportunity we can't refuse. In a time when we are trying to be creative, and make an effort to keep our ministry moving forward, our community continues to show the love.
11 am-5 pm at the Miller's Hawkins store. RIB FEST...
Treat yourself, Treat your friends or family, and Treat the ACHC with your support.

Raffle Basket opportunity as well. Come out and support ACHC.

A Thankful Heart
A wonderful batch of gifts has been given to ACHC by someone I will call a Patient Advocate; Ruth has been accompanying and translating for a Hispanic family being seen at ACHC. Even though we just see adults, our family providers do care for children. Our pediatric cuff wasn't working right, we had no eye chart for preschool, nor a colorblind test, SO Ruth purchased and gifted us with a new pediatric blood pressure cuff unit, an age-appropriate eye chart, a book called ISHIHARA'S TESTS FOR COLOUR DEFICIENCY (very detailed - works for adults, too), and a "paddle" for covering the eye not being tested.
380 E. Fourth Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805
Office: 419-903-0475
Fax: 419-903-0476