Lent is a 40 day season that above all invites us to a true inner conversion of heart as we seek to follow Christ's will more faith-FULLY.

Welcome to our #MondayMoment of prayer! Each Monday this Lent we will ponder questions of the faith that when answered in prayer can open our minds and hearts to an authentic personal relationship with Christ.

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Take a #MondayMoment to pray with this question - Are you ready to become more of the disciple Jesus intends you to be?

Too often we shy away from even thinking about the disciple Jesus wants us to be. We have our own ideas of holiness and faithfulness. We strive for those and we do our best. But, because we are also very aware of our sinfulness and shortcomings that's where we stay. Sometimes, we settle there - in OUR best. We tend to avoid thinking about the unlimited potential of our discipleship through the eyes of Christ. Modeling our own lives after His is one of the surest ways to take our discipleship to the next level.

Here are few things to add to your prayer life this Lent routine as you become the disciple Jesus already knows you can be:

📖Consider reading The Imitation of Christ, the most influential book after the Bible to form disciples of Christ. We suggest three or four Chapters per week. They are short and to the point.

💙In addition to the Morning and Night prayers you have established as a disciple’s lifestyle, consider inviting the Blessed Mother to walk with you on this daily journey. Try to pray the rosary or parts of it, daily.

👂As you interact with others throughout your day, attempt to place a greater emphasis on listening than on talking.

If you're need great daily prayer companion check out our FREE ebooks to use during your daily prayer time:


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