Mission Complete

We did it! After 17,892 miles on October 10, 2022, we completed our missions trip throughout the lower 48 states in the continental US. We have met so many wonderful families with a heart for service across our wonderful country and we’ve had the privilege of giving these families tools to continue to serve others in Jesus name. Although at times our road has been challenging we praise God for every step knowing that man makes his plans but God directs his steps. Thank you all for your support through hosting events, getting the word out, much prayer, and through financial support! You have blessed us more than we can express! Thank you!

Mission Accepted

14 Day until Ensenada, Mexico. As we seek to help families grow a servants heart in their children. Our family will be staying at an orphanage and will be preparing to bring families down for a short term missions trips. Through Blessing Bags International these families will have the opportunity to make and distribute Blessing Bags of school supplies for school-age children, Make and distribute care packages for families in need in partnership with local churches, make giant care packages for orphanages with needed supplies, and much more. These missions trips are designed to be family friendly and we welcome all ages. Our current dates are

March 17th-25th

March 31st-8th

More date available

The location we stay, places we visit and activities we participate in are intentional chosen with participants safety and mind. Feel free to ask us questions. Please prayerful consider if one these unique opportunities is right for your family. To receive more information or to sign up email Jennifer at jennifer@blessing-bags.org We hope to see you in Mexico in 2023.

Your Mission

After living on the road full-time as an itinerant missionary, being on mission thoughtout the country, Jennifer has spoken at events, participated in book signings, and host service projects across the county yet her biggest known mission field has nothing to do with BBI or her book. Her biggest mission field wasn’t even planned. Her greatest impact is once a week at the laundromat. Each week she leaves for 7-10 hours to wash, dry, fold, and sort laundry while she more importantly loves, serves, listens, prayers and helps people God places in her path in this unique mission field! Each week she prayerfully gives this time to God and asks Him to use her and He does in the most amazing ways. She has had the privilege of sharing the gospel, praying over others, meeting up outside at the laundry mat for meals and Bible studies, and more. The Lord wants to use us where we are… No need to wait for a calling to become a missionary, or line up the perfect short term mission trip… God wants to use you right now. Where is your laundromat?

Prayer Requests

  • New van or other travel arrangements. As our van hits the 200,000 mile mark, we are so thankful for its almost 10 years of service. To say we have driven it into the ground is an understatement and we feel it is time to find a more reliable van. Prayers for Gods guidance and provision in this area.
  • For the Lord to prepare the way in México.
  • - For God to repair the hearts of those who will be joining us
  • - For God to lead and Bless us as we prepare to lead the mission trips
  • - For our family adjusting to life in Mexico
  • - Wisdom with ALL things
  • To make a tax-deductible donation to Blessing Bags International, click here. To donate via mail, make a check payable to "Blessing Bags International" and mail your donation to PO Box 30919, Alexandria, VA 22310.