#MemberMondays:  The Amish Experience 

The Amish Experience story began in 1959 when Christ and Dolly Lapp founded Dutchland Tours providing guided tours out of the Good'N Plenty Restaurant.

The company was once based out of the Brunswick Hotel, the Bird-in-Hand Farmer's Market and the Plain and Fancy Property. In the 80's we were located at the Family Style Restaurant (located where the Applebees is today on Route 30). 

At this time, we were doing Farmlands and House Tours.The house tours were done at Mill Bridge Village.In the early 90's,we became Amish Experience and the vision for Jacob's Choice began. We were invited to return to Plain & Fancy.   The house on-site became Lancaster's only Heritage Site and our house tours found a home. Jacob's Choice opened in 1995. 

Over the 61 year history, we've grown, changed, and innovated new tours and activities but we still offer what we began with - guided farmland tours.

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