"I love this course. Each session, I walked away rejuvenated and refocused." -- White Plains Teacher

"I'm using this with my students and they're eating it up!" -- White Plains Counselor

"I am so happy I had the opportunity to attend the Looking Forward Series. It was 100% worth the time! I can't wait to share what I learned with my colleagues. Thank you, Kathleen and Erica!" -- White Plains Instructional Coach

"This is a great way to pause and reflect, in order to refocus and move forward in an intentional, positive way." -- White Plains Administrator

"I just wanted to share that I enrolled in [this course] and am enjoying it. The strategies and resources are meaningful and relevant to me and my students. I hope that more teachers will have an opportunity to engage in this learning in the future. [They] are wonderful trainers." -- White Plains Teacher