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March 2021
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March is Here!
It’s March, and we’re excited to share some “Limoneira Luck” with you! This month you can win some wonderful prizes in two (yes, TWO!) new sweepstakes, upgrade your nutrition with some delicious and healthy recipes, eat for better health via our amazing APP, and even find some DIY tips to help you embrace the first day of spring! If you’re like most of us, spring weather can’t come soon enough – especially after those winter storms we’ve just been through. No worries – St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner and bringing some better luck for us all!

Sustainability Update
Luckily for all of us, since 1893, Limoneira has had the long-term vision to create safe practices that would take best care of the environment while making citrus operations sustainable and efficient with natural resources. In fact, the founders helped lay the groundwork for many practices we see across California today, including pioneering efficient water techniques and responsible water practices that acted as a leader for all of Ventura County. Plus, in 1917, Limoneira Company was one of the founders of the Integrated Pest Management Program here, too, which is the successful practice that minimized pesticides by releasing beneficial insects into the orchards.

These and other innovations in sustainability have made Limoneira a leading environmentally focused agricultural company, all of which has made us so well-respected across the world. Not to mention so loved for our delicious lemons, avocados, oranges, and specialty citrus!

Featured Recipe of the Month
Who likes π? Or, should we say PIE? Whether you celebrate PI - or PIE, we have a recipe that you must try on March 14th! This MEYER LEMON pie uses the whole fruit of the Meyer lemon, including the rind, which gives it a full flavor that ranges from sweet to tangy and back. The key is to prepare the filling by letting the Meyer lemon and sugar macerate overnight. This Shaker-style pie is delicious with whipped cream and strong coffee or tea. Check it out here!

Special Videos and Tips For March
Go Green and increase your good luck – and gut health - this St. Patty’s Day with this Prebiotic Green Drink (see video below)! You’ll love the ginger and lemon combined with the nutritious healthy greens. Also some tips for you newbie juicers on ways to add a touch more sweetness!
Also, get cleaning with Limoneira Lemons! Limoneira Spokesperson Megan Roosevelt, the Healthy Grocer Girl, is working her magic again! These easy DIY tips will help you get your spring cleaning in high gear - naturally, of course! Special focus on that tea kettle, which always seems to need some extra TLC. Details are in the video below!
Fresh News
March is National Nutrition Month; and if better nutrition is on your mind, you’re so in luck! Nature’s Pharmacy is our APP to help you find foods to benefit your health concerns – naturally and right there in your produce aisle. We’ve cross-tabulated 55 health concerns including the need to increase good cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease or ease insomnia, as well as desired outcomes, including improving energy levels or reducing wrinkles, with 74 fruits and vegetables.

All of these foods, which can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores, contain 12 essential vitamins and 11 essential minerals that address these concerns or help with desired outcomes. For more information on Nature's Pharmacy click here and don't forget to download the free app from APPLE or ANDROID today and eat your way to better health. 

Social Media Must-See!

Lots happening on social this month! Want to win $250 and some lavish Limoneira swag? Follow our friends at Farm Star Living (FB and / or IG) so you’ll be the first to know when our “Peelin’ Good Tour Marches On Sweepstakes” launches later this month, because it is indeed, well, marching on this month!
Speaking of, meet these two fabulous Peelin’ Good Tour influencers from Instagram:
Plant Based Passport’ – When not working as lawyers, this dynamic husband / wife duo out of Houston have been globe-trotting, learning and then sharing the best plant-based recipes they discovered! These are sure to convert anyone who ever snubbed a nose when told to ‘eat your veggies!’ 

The Perks of Being Us’ These lovebirds have some perks you won’t want to miss! They’ve been married for 32 years and are delighting not only each other, but all of us with their dishes, desserts and drinks!
See what these great folks have to say about Limoneira lemons - and more - this month! FYI - More cities to come next month!

FOLLOW OUR FAB INFLUENCERS for the Peelin’ Good scoop:

Val and Mani @plantbased.passport | Houston, Texas
Dina and Bruce @the_perksofbeingus | Bentonville, Arkansas

More Ways to Win!
We are asking YOU to create something with our lemons! Did you see that awesome Superbowl commercial where lemons were raining from the sky? Well, we did – and we would call that a really GOOD Day! So, should life hand you lemons, what would you make with it? A delicious pie? Zesty drink? Decadent dessert? You tell us – and show us! See video above for details and WIN! Need a few examples? Then click here to check out this video!

Video of the Month & February Recap
Don't have FOMO! We have the recap from last month and let you know what you can look forward to in March. Get the citrusy scoop in the video above!
Bonus Video!
This is sure to put a jolt in your morning! The great news of Limoneira lemons has been shouted from coast to coast, reaching 100 MILLION households on Coffee with America – the weekly television program shown in specific markets across the USA. Check out this video and pour yourself a cup (of Limoneira?). It will be a great start to your day.
What in the World?
Did you ever feel that some people have ALL the luck? Well, this man sure does! He just won the lottery – TWICE – and within TWO weeks! No worries, there is plenty of “Limoneira Luck” available for the rest of us! (Read more!)

Winner of the Month
Congratulations to our subscriber Theresa Lucero from Denver, Colorado! Look next month to see if YOU might be our next winner! Prizes change monthly – and they’re always fun and delicious! 

Last but not Least!
Limoneira is comprised of a family of passionate people, and we are wishing a happy retirement to Kathleen Thompson, who was hired in 1998 and became HR Manager in 2002. She is retiring after 23 years of service and with distinction as Vice President of Human Resources. We will miss her and so appreciate her long dedication to our team!

We are in luck, however, to have Debra Walker stepping into this role; and after serving as Human Resources Manager and General Manager of Yuma Operations for Limoneira for the last seven years, we know she will do great things for our company. 
and may you have a lot of luck (and Limoneira!) ‘til then!