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Issue #147 - July 2, 2024

Board News

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held on July 29, 9 the Jacaranda Room at the Estero Country Club and via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the 48 hours prior to the meeting by Pegasus.


Lock your cars. Recently, there have been two robberies involving cars left unlocked.

The next Hurricane Supply Tax Free Holiday will be August 24 - September 6. See the Engage Estero website for a complete list of items you can purchase tax free.

The VCA website information still needs some updates. Pegasus, the VCA Board and the neighborhood Boards are reviewing the documents and will be updating the information if required.

All updates are in bold print.


Telephone number 239-454-8568

Pegasus's quest to improve their customer service is continuing with the addition of new employees and training.

Pegasus should be the first call you make if you have any issue regarding The Vines Community. Pegasus will, in turn, notifiy the appropriate VCA Board Member to discuss what has been done or what needs to be done to resolve any issue.

Pegasus has the contacts and expertise to handle all community issues. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR VOLUNTEER BOARD MEMBERS and refrain from contacting them prior to contacting Pegasus.

Pegasus is in the process of updating the VCA/Neighborhood websites.

Please be aware that there are multiple websites and logins. One for the VCA and one for your specific community. Please contact Pegasus to get the information you need to access the VCA/your community website.

A Friendly Reminder

Whether you live on Vintage Trace or in one of The Vines communities, there are rules and regulations which must be followed to provide the quality of community lifestyle and safety which are expected. Consequences for not following the VCA Rules and Regulations can include fines, suspension of bar codes and/or internet service.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Rules and Regulations. Specifically, Section 6 re: Flags and Section 19 re: Signs.

VCA Rules and Regulations

Financial Statements

Chair - John Towey

To see the May financial report hit on Financials. John continues to work closely with Pegasus's new staff to ensure all expenditures/credits are accurately accounted for in Capital Expense, Reserves, etc.


Architectural Review Committee

Co-Chair - Art Bowen

Co-Chair - Rick Knox

PLEASE NOTE: ARC Forms on the VCA website are for Vintage Trace homeowners only. Each of the neighborhoods have their own rules and regulations re: ARC and the forms can be found on your neighbhorhood website.

All ARC requests for Vintage Trace and any of the neigborhoods should be sent to Renee Rosemeyer at Pegasus. Her e-mail address is

The Vines Community Association

Lake Bank Restoration

Chair - Bobby Dumont

Unfortunately, with the rising waters the carp found their way to the top of the plantings and are eating the flowers. Fortunately, a plan was already in place to have additional plantings done at the end of rainy season.


Chair - Art Bowen

We have a contract with Comcast for a bulk service. If you have problems with your internet/media contact Comcast at 888-266-2278.

Community Lighting

Chair - Bobby Dumont


New lamp posts are being installed at Southwind. Additional equipment has arrived and all replacements or refurbishing should be completed in July.

Landscaping and Irrigation

Chair - Linda Chain

With the onset of rainy season, it is important that landscapers, homewowners and ECC be vigilant in keeping storm drains clear to prevent flooding on neighborhood roads.

PLEASE ensure that neither you nor your landscaper dispose of yard waste at the weir. If your landscaper does not remove yard waste, Waste Management conducts horticultural pickups on Tuesdays. Yard waste should be neatly bundled and placed at the curb for collections.

Routine irrigation maintenance continues. The summer rains have helped the turf and plantings.

Hurricane Preparation

Chair - Mike Johnson

Communications are on-going with Walmart and Mister Carwash regarding the conditions on Nuthatch Lane and the entrance pavers respectively.

The VCA website accessible at, provides hurricane preparation information. There are numerous other websites and publications that include very important and specific hurricane preparation guidelines. Please read as many as you can as each provides comprehensive "to do" lists, contact information, shelter descriptions and locations, etc. For instance, visit, click on "Resident" option.

Lake Water Quality

Chair - Bobby Dumont

The monitoring of the noise level of aerator pumps is on-going.

With the recent rains, there was concern that water wasn't flowing throught the weir. Lee County came in to clear the weir on the San Carlos side so water could flow through. This should be done on a routine basis. This is a picture of the weir shortly after we had 13 inches of rain ad before the county came in to clear the debris. Photo by Art Camiolo.

Perimeter Fencing

On June 12 the VCA held a special workshop to discuss options for perimeter fencing. The options were placed on the VCA website under Documents. The workshop recommended Option #1 but after additional discussion at the Board meeting on June 29th, Option #3 was approved. The vendors are set to begin as soon as the survey is finalized. Mid-July is the goal. The Board will decide on the financing options for the project at the July 29 Board meetinig..


Chair - Chip Strapp

Speeding and road courtesy on Community property are on-going issues and the options to curtail speeding are being reviewed.

Security Issues

Chair - Chip Strapp

Art Bowen will be chairing a committee with Art Camiolo to will address trespassing and the options we have to alleviate the problem. Please contact Art at if you have comments.

Be aware that some "trespassers" might be relatives or guests of residents/members. If guests are fishing, it must be on the resident side of the ponds and within sight of the residence where they are a guest.

For VCA residents, if you want to go on record with LCSO to report trespassers on your property, call the non-emegency LCSO number (239-477-1200) and request that the officer see you personally. Such reports are not a priority and it may take time for an officer to respond. Once an officer responds, they must see the trespassers on your property in order to process as a trespassing incident.

However, if you feel threatened or see damage being done, call 911. Do not confront trespassers, take pictures if possible.

Pegasus will be issuing a communication re: our Gate Access app. You will be asked to review your Gate Access profiles and make any necessary changes.

Rails to Trails

VCA/ECC Coordinator - Bruce Ackerman

Latest Information on RTT 

Please continue to follow Facebook and Instagram pages and click the "like button" on RTT posts.

Pegasus will continue to issue updated information from the Rails to Trails Committee.

Your on-going support of this issue is important, please stay informed and involved.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and click the “like” button on our posts.


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