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Breakfast Club: Friday, July 2nd at 9am
Join us for breakfast at The Egg in Davidson. Connect with new and old friends over coffee and conversation. RSVP: davidsonvillagenetwork@gmail.com
Coffee Chat: Thursday, July 15th at 3pm
Join us at Williams Place for coffee and conversation. Learn more about DVN and our wonderful community of members and volunteers!
Walking Group: Wednesday, July 21st at 9am
We are planning on going on a walkabout on/around the Greenway and/or town. Please let us know if you'd like to join and we will share meeting details. We will plan to stay on paved surfaces. All levels welcome. Email Natalie at natalie.heling@gmail.com

Save the Date: Van Gogh Exhibit in Charlotte
Would you like to attend the Van Gogh exhibit with us in Charlotte this September? We are tentatively planning a visit during the week of September 6th. Tickets are ~$55 per person. Email us to let us know and we will coordinate a date/time depending on our group size.

Relax and Renew! *Special for DVN Members
Tuesday, July 13th - August 31st at 9:00 am
DVN Members, join Laurie Walker, DVN volunteer, and Yoga for Seniors Instructor on Zoom for a Chair Stretch class. Enjoy gentle movements that relax and renew your body and spirit. All you need is a chair. No experience required! Here is a short video to view a sample of the type of yoga Laurie teaches . . .CLICK HERE FOR PRACTICE TO STRENGTHEN YOUR LEGS.

MEMBERS, send an email to Laurie Walker at laurie1059@gmail.com to let her know if you plan to attend and Laurie will send a Zoom code to you.

FRIENDS of DVN can register by clicking HERE.
Walking Wednesdays
Our Walking Group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Last month, members enjoyed a scenic stroll from the Parks & Recreation Dept. Pump House in Davidson to Dunkin' Donuts in Antiquity to sip on coffee and enjoy each other's company.

Shana Erber, DVN's new Director of Marketing. Shana is an experienced marketing professional, receiving her BA degree in English from Boston College. She most recently was an Account Director working with major brands on their digital content. She has lived in many cities across the US. She now resides with her husband and two teenage children in the McConnell neighborhood of Davidson. Shana enjoys outdoor activities such as open swimming, paddle-boarding, and her favorite- playing tennis.

Gerry Mackenzie spent the majority of her career at a state unit on aging, developing and administering programs to support older adults living in the community. She completed her career as head of a county department of community services, where her focus broadened to include programs and services for people across the lifespan. She has been a resident of Davidson since 2020 and serves as the Director of Outreach.

Please extend a warm welcome to Shana and Gerry, we are so glad they are here!


We have some seats at the table waiting for passionate individuals to join our leadership team! Find out more information by emailing Shanna Reeb at


The Caregiver TLC (Thrive, Learn and Connect) Communities of family caregivers. 
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is offering a FREE program for family
caregivers in North Carolina. Our goals are to offer caregivers an evidence based training program to reduce stress and depression; improve management of their care plan for the care-recipient, and refresh their communication skills and to foster resilience on a large scale. The Caregiver TLC program consists of six sessions led by trained facilitators. The program utilizes video conferencing to enrich the learning experience through facilitated small group discussions and enables caregiver’s participation without traveling to in-person meetings. 

The program is coordinated by the research team at UNC Charlotte led by Dr. Julian
Montoro-Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology and Social Work: University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The program will be available to caregivers through 2021.

Registration or Questions:

Call: 704 687-6166
Website: Visit the CAREGIVER TLC WEBSITE to learn more
Senior Living: Golden Gardening
There are many benefits to maintaining a personal garden. The fresh air, the exercise, the beauty, and the bounty. But the work can also be a burden on aging bodies. Here are just a few helpful tips for keeping your garden growing, gracefully:
·       Stretch before and after gardening
·       Apply ample sunscreen
·       Drink a lot of water
·       Consider investing in a gardener kneeler seat or stool
·       Alternate the type of work often as to not strain the same muscles
·       Take frequent breaks
·       Keep a phone close by in case of a fall
·       Use long-handled tools for planting
·       Garden alongside a DVN member friend

Submit your photos or tips to Jessica Cross at jessicacross724@gmail.com

Across the open common land
shines glowing purple floral blooms
The bumble bee can hardly stand,
as flowers' scent is rising fumes

And lies there in the summer shade
a resting deer quite joyfuly
for in this beauteous sunlit glade
all's observed by sent'nel tree

This tall oak stands by sparkling stream,
whose water splashes grass and rock,
reflecting in its azure gleam,
the woodland plant and dandy clock

While goes beneath the cloudless sky,
amidst a warm and dreamy breeze,
a squirrel idling, passing by,
past numerous, careless, floating seeds.
- Stephen Patrick, Sleepy July in Skipwith Common

When shopping on Amazon, go to the Smile.Amazon.com page before you shop and select "Davidson Village Network". A small donation will be made to DVN from Amazon for each purchase you make at no cost to you. Click here to shop on Amazon!


As we know, older adults are especially vulnerable during this pandemic. The required isolation has increased feelings of loneliness and the fear of disease is an ever-present stress factor.

The need to reach out to others in friendship is stronger than ever. DVN wants to reach more people. We need your help.

We are a social and support non-profit organization for older adults. We offer friendship, support, social and educational activities, and a little help along the way - all important aspects of a fulfilling - sustainable - vibrant life.

  • transportation
  • events, activities, and programs
  • friendly visits and calls
  • technology assistance
  • personal advocacy and resources

Membership is the perfect gift for the loved one in your life whom you'd like to give a little more support. Contact us NOW at davidsonvillagenetwork@gmail.com or call us at 980-689-1843.