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St James Scallop Sea Shell Ocean Oracle-Meaning The Heroes Journey!

St James Scallop Sea Shell Ocean Oracle Meaning

"The Heroes Journey" YouTube Video by Beverly Collective Message For Our Times

Dear Earthlight Earthlings & Star Beings, 

I just returned from eleven days immersed in the pristine landscape of St. Elizabeth Jamaica near the Rasta Village, surrounded by deep caverns of 1 million-year-old fresh healing mineral springs water, coconut trees 🥥, and ripe mangos falling off the trees, with Rasta chefs creating delicious vegan meals without adding in salt, sugar, or any processed food, was just what my soul required to start this summer off detoxed, feeling solid, stable, secure, surefooted, shining, sparkling and smiling! 💫

The introduction includes a blog link to my Sacred Retreat 11 Detox experience in Jamaica. If you would like to access it, please click below.

Check out the retreats you can participate in to assist with the ascension process, reconnect with real people in person, and get a hug instead of a virtual one!

Dante Baker's Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat at the Land Celebration in Gore, VA, this weekend, starting at 3 pm Friday, June 28-Sunday 30th, announcing a Special last-minute 50% off sale reduced from $600 to $300, which includes vegan meals, juicing, lodgings, sound healing, yoga, qigong, and holistic health group coaching. Dante Baker, sound healer, yoga instructor, holistic health coach, and the Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat are just one hour from the DVM area on the pristine Land Celebration in Gore, VA. You can check out his website for more details or give him a text or email. I plan on being one of his assistants, so I would be delighted to see you there. I have room in my SUV for one passenger if you are in the Northern VA area and would like to carpool, leaving my home at 1 pm from Reston; scroll down for more details.

Check out the retreats you can participate in to assist with the ascension process, reconnect with real people in person, and get a hug instead of a virtual one!

The New Date & Location is also this weekend, June Sat 29th & Sun 30th. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Karma Fest Unity Camp Ramblewood, Patricia, moved the location. This is always a blast; if you like a simple day trip or stay for two nights, check out Patricia's website for more details.

I want to bi-locate and attend Dantes Retreat and Patricias simultaneously. Well, there will be more Karma's Fests. See you next time. Text me if you are going to Dante's Retreat! Check out her website for more details.


Beverly L Nickerson, Sea Shell Reader 🐚Sensitive, Shamanic Practitioner, Sacred Journeys


 Dante's Holistic Health

Weekend Retreat 

Friday, June 28, 2024, 3:00 PM

Sunday, June 30, 2024, 3:00 PM


50% OFF Reduced from $600

to $300

The Land Celebration

411 3 Oaks Dr, Gore, VA 22637

Click the Website Link for More Details

Or text Dante at 571-258-8972 c


Escape to our serene holistic health retreat, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey toward optimal well-being. Our retreat is designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, focusing on four key pillars essential for maintaining a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Four Key Pillars for a holistic, healthy lifestyle

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress reduction and self-awareness practices
  4. Habit forming skills

Dantes holistic-health-retreat


The Healing Adventure of a Lifetime India Trip

with Belinda Baer

*15% off coupon using coupon code “15%India” at checkout*

October 3 to 23 or 30, 2024

Deadline to book: July 31, 2024

Belinda Baer

Ayurveda Practitioner, 500-hour Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist, Ayurveda Bodyworker and India Tour Organizer

Please join my mailing list at


21 or 28 days at an authentic and remote Ayurvedic Healing Village in Tamil Nadu, India, for Panchakarma--an Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation program

Belinda has spent 3 months at this Center volunteering and has complete faith in the doctors and their services. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and travels to India regularly.

Testimonial: Our trip with you in 2016 was life-changing on so many levels. If anyone is thinking of joining Belinda…just do it!! ~Tobey

This trip includes:

  • 21 or 28 days at the Ayurvedic Healing Center
  • delightfully spacious, relaxing accommodations
  • three Ayurvedic, vegetarian meals per day, plus herbal tea and fruit 
  • all treatments and herbal medicines taken at the Center
  • daily consultations with doctors
  • meditation/prayer 2 times per day
  • guided herbal plant walks
  • Ayurvedic cooking classes
  • classes on making your medications at home
  • daily yoga nidra (deep healing relaxation)
  • daily Q&A session (satsang) with the doctors
  • lots of time to choose to do nothing!
  • Pre-trip logistics support and intention-setting calls with Belinda*
  • Short, daily group meetings with Belinda* at the Center for those who are interested

A free 30-minute consultation with Belinda to see if this trip is right for you. Between now and the trip, Belinda is offering Ayurvedic Treatments and Consultations in Takoma Park, MD. You can learn more on my website:


Sat June 29th & 30th


4 Point Between Reality

Celebrates the Energy of Beginnings.

11”x 14”

July Painting of the Month

The Healing Adventure of a Lifetime Belinda Baer

The Healing Adventure of a Lifetime India Trip

with Belinda Baer


Office Spaces for Rent in Oakton

The Wellness Office in Oakton has one full-time room and one part-time use room available for rent.

-Full-time space is $780 per month /one-year lease. Room is 10 x10 1/2

-Part time space available to share with LCMT. Perfect for Massage Therapists, Reiki practitioners, Esthetician, Acupuncturist, Counselor,

$380/month with a one-year lease.  30+ hours per week plus wknd availability. Room is 12x10 1/2

There is a waiting room for all clients.

If interested, please text Annie @ 571 236-8096 or email


10 Archangel

The original price was: $222.00, 20% off


This month's Special!

10 Archangels: Chamuel, Gabriel, Hilarion, Metatron, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel, St Germain II, Angels of Light.

The Archangels are present and accessible to us. These blends help set solidify your intention to strengthen your connection with these guardian beings who oversee specific activities in our material lives.

– beautiful black lacquered box included


When I traveled to Jamaica, I brought along the essential oil blend of Arch Angel Michael, Chamuel, and Zadkiel for extra protection; just a sniff or dab will allow you to feel the essence of these magnificent beings and relax my nervous system.

Beverly L Nickerson

 Essential Oils Created by

Mikael Zayat

*Mention Earthlight Promotions When Ordering*

*Receive 10% off a Set or One Single Essential Oil Not Already on Special

Call or Text : (703) 847-6147

Why Are Alchemist Oils Different?

Mikael Zayat is a 7th-generation alchemist from Egypt who has THE NOSE it takes to become a great perfumer. He did not choose that particular life path because he knew that many gifted perfumers had died of nasal carcinoma due to all the synthetic fragrances they had inhaled over their careers.

So today, 33 years later, Mikael is formulating top-notch aromatic blends like perfumes without artificial ingredients. Mikael creates blends with only NATURE’S finest, properly harvested plants. They are the most refined essential oils available. If Mother Nature gives more sun than usual to a plant before harvest, Mikael will not destroy this gift to standardize the blend; instead, he keeps Mother Nature’s precious elements active in the blend. Mikael’s unique creations cannot be duplicated by honoring nature's wisdom.

Local distributor in VA Contact Rusen

Lorton, VA 22079 (703) 847-6147

*Mention EarthlightPromotions get 10% off one regular-price essential oil.

All Oils are Available in sizes from 4ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30 ml


If you have a mind, you have a mission


Kundalini Yoga Classes & Power Practices Join for $1 Trial 2 Weeks

I joined for the 2-week trial, and wow, I got hooked immediately on the tremendous amount of online classes, live zooms, and discounts to in-person retreats Jai Dev Singh has to offer!

I am just passing along this website to my Earthlight Promotions Souls Friends as another tool to keep us healthy, vibrant, and solid during these tremendously turbulent times we all find ourselves in as Mother Earth goes through her epoch transformation to 5-dimensional consciousness! If you join, let the Life Force Academy know you found them through Earthlight Promotions. Jai Dev's various classes have greatly helped my body, mind, and spirit over the last year!

Beverly L Nickerson, Sea Shell Reader, Sensitive, Shamanic Practitioner

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