Mission Statement

"To Improve the Well-Being of Children, Empower Families, and Strengthen Communities."

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First Quarter 2023 Parent Newsletter

Welcome to the Preschool Services Department Parent Newsletter.

Here you will find information, resources and PSD news!

We remain committed to both our Vision and Mission Statements and pride ourselves on providing quality education to our preschoolers as well as empowering their families by equipping them with the resources, job skills and education needed to not only strengthen the family unit but also the communities in which they work and reside.


Kids that Inspire

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Honoring, Black History Month

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can to that. ”

Quote from by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech

Dr. Martin Luther Jr. was a minister and a great leader that made history. Even while living in an era of discrimination, he strongly felt love could conquer all. Martin Luther King, Jr was a very admirable man, he was a man that came across many challenges and struggles, he took risks and kept fighting and advocating for equality. His mission was to spread love while aiming to end discrimination; He marched and walked side by side with others that wanted to see change and taught them about love.


Fast forward to today, although we are still a work in progress things have improved. Martin Luther King Jr made history by taking the initiative and sharing his dream. Because of that dream he opened doors for others to the unimaginable. 

Introducing Children to the World of Reading is Simply Magical!

In honor, of Black History Month we'd like to encourage you and your family to check out some of the many popular titles you will be sure to enjoy:

  • Parker Looks Up
  • Who Will Be?
  • Curls
  • Shady Baby
  • I Promise
  • I am Smart! I am Blessed! I Can Do Anything!
  • I am Enough
  • The King of Kindergarten

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National Disability Awareness

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Did you know? According to the 2018 statistics www.kidsdata.org 3.3% of children in California have major disabilities. This amounts to more than 300,000 children ages 0-17 with one or more serious impairment in hearing, vision, cognition, walking, or self-care.


So, as we know there are different forms of disabilities and there may not be a precise time to explain to your child what disabilities or special needs means? But, at some point in their life they should be able to understand.


According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary the word "disabilities" definition: a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition that impairs, interferes with, or limits a person's ability to engage in certain tasks or actions or participate in typical daily activities and interactions.

That may be the definition, but I've learned that most individuals don't feel limited by their disabilities and are able to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Some may need assistance from others but treating them different may not be agreed upon. Most may feel that their disability does not define who they are or what they can accomplish. Individuals with disabilities have built their strength and determination within and it’s ok that everyone does things at their own pace.


So, when you are ready to discuss with your little one let's remember words are extremely powerful and you may define things better than the dictionary. We also will need to be prepared to answer questions which may arise. Who knows you may be raising a future advocate for those with special needs. 


Please check out the video above with Cole Blakeway. As he speaks about the awesomeness of being uniquely different.

Introducing Children to the World of Reading is Simply Magical!

In honor, of National Disabilities Awareness month. Here are some books that you and your family may appreciate:

  • In My World
  • Hands & Hearts
  • A Friend for Henry
  • Just Because
  • Issac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers
  • My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay
  • The Sound of Colors
  • The Five of Us

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Safety Spot


CODE Adam!

As parents, guardians, or caregivers we tend to keep our minds occupied with errands, family, or everyday living. So, it’s easy to understand if you unintentionally happen to get a little distracted while shopping with your kids. Sometimes, kids may even stray away and go on a journey of there own. 

If this ever happens to you please know that you'll receive the support you need.


John Walsh is very familiar with the panic and agony a parent goes through when losing site of your little one. This is one of the reasons he developed a protocol for customer service associates to follow which is called, CODE Adam. For example if someone reports that they can’t locate their child in the store associates go into action and may play a role during this process until your little one is located.

For more information we encourage you to watch the video above. 

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Preschool Services Department

Parent Workshops

Preschool Services Department invites its families to a series of Parent Workshops.

  • Food Allergy Workshop
  • Money Management I and II
  • Oral Health for Kids
  • First Aid Kit Workshop
  • Early Childhood Asthma
  • What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick?
  • Family Literacy Program
  • Goal Setting Workshop

(For more details select the workshop of interest below)

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Childhood Asthma
Money Management II
First Aid
Oral Health
Food Allergy
When your child is sick?
Money Matters I
Family Literacy
Goal Setting Workshop

Parent Workshop

Hope you can join us at one of our Parent Workshops that were created with you in mind. (details below)

Tallers de Apoyo para Padres

Esperamos que nos puedan accompañar a uno de nuestros Talleres para Padres, que fueron creados con ustedes en mente.

(mas detalles abajo)

Learn More About PSD Programs

High School Diploma

A customized program based on your career goals! Learn at your own pace from our state-certified instructors!

Academic coaches are available to help you too. Receive a REAL high school diploma, NOT a GED!

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Apprenticeship Program

Looking to advance in your job or career? Consider PSD, Apprenticeship Program. A program developed to assist you with developing the skills and knowledge needed to acquire a better job or advance in your career.

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LIFT Program

The LIFT Program provides pregnant women prenatal education, support and empowerment to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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Fatherhood FIRE

To enhance the engagement of fathers by promoting a culture of father inclusion and responsible fatherhood in communities

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Please Note: Preschoolers will enjoy learning with you. For safety reasons, you should be in the kitchen with them at all times, supervising and monitoring progress.

Kids Trifles


  • 1 ready-made sponge or Madeira cake
  • 1 pkt red jelly, mixed and set
  • 2 cups pre-prepared custard
  • 1 tin (800g) fruit salad in juice
  • 1 cup cream, whipped or whipped cream from a can.
  • sprinkles
  • 8 plastic wine glasses


  1. Slice the edges off the cake and cut into 2cm thick slabs. Tip the plastic cups upside down and push them into the sponge so they cut a circle of sponge out. Put this cake in the bottom of the cup. Spoon two tablespoons of fruit salad (juice and all) on top of the sponge.
  2. Spoon on 1/2 cup custard per cup and then the same of jelly.
  3. Top with cream and sprinkles.
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Food Assistance

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Formula Transition - California Women, Infants &...

The impact of the ongoing pandemic and the recent 2022 Abbott recall of certain powdered formulas has led to periodic infant formula shortages for all consumers, including WIC families. More information for WIC families on infant formula...

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Utility Assistance

Help Paying Your Bill

Having financial difficulties? We can help. We know that life can get complicated sometimes. Here are some useful programs and opportunities that can help you meet your obligations. Trouble balancing your energy needs and household costs? We...

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