Dear Founders,

Last weekend, we had our Spring Forum and Spring Congregational Meeting. I want to thank all of you who participated in these important events. Thank you for all your input and questions. We do want to especially thank Kim Doneche for her willingness to run for the Board of Directors once again, as well as thank all who voted in favor of her. She is such a blessing to this church and does an amazing amount of work behind the scenes as a board member!

Last Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated the birthday of "the Church." The Day of Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit descended and "fell on believers," set off the beginning of the Church, just 10 days after the ascension of Jesus. So, Happy Birthday, Church!

We are now in the church season of Pentecost, but even more important, we live in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit: the time where Jesus no longer walks the earth, but the Spirit DOES! I'm so glad that the scripture invites us to believe that the Spirit fell on "all flesh" that day, and that Spirit still dwells in us!

May is almost gone, which means June - PRIDE MONTH - is upon us! Don't forget that we will participate in multiple Pride events around Los Angeles including two parades that happen on Sundays. We will hold multi-lingual services at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 1st and Saturday, June 8th. We'll let you know where and what time to meet for the parades on Sunday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 9th.

This Sunday, my message is entitled, It Only Takes A Spark. If you'd like to read ahead, check out Isaiah 6:1-8 (Voice Version). Let's come expecting a move of the Spirit once again!

Pastor Keith

 Isaiah 6:1-8 (Voice Version)

In the same year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a grand throne way up high with a flowing cape that filled the whole temple. Bright flaming creatures waited on God. Each had six wings: two covering its face, two covering its feet, and two for flying. Like some fiery choir, they would call back and forth continually, saying:

"Holy, holy, holy is the Eternal, the Commander of heavenly armies!

        The earth is filled with God's glorious presence!"

They were so loud that the doorframes shook, and the holy house kept filling with smoke.

Isaiah exclaimed, "I am in so much trouble! I’m ruined! I’m just a human being—fallible and stammering. My lips are encrusted with filth; and I live among people just like me. But here I am, and I’ve seen with my very own eyes none other than the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies."

Then one of the flaming creatures flew to me holding a red-hot ember which it had taken from God’s table, the temple altar, with a pair of tongs. The creature held it to my lips, saying, 

"Look! With the touch of this burning ember on your lips,

        your guilt is turned away; All your faults and wrongdoings are forgiven."

Then I heard the Eternal's voice saying, "Whom shall I send? Who will go for Us?"

Isaiah responded, "Here I am! Send me."

Message from Church Family Member David Solis:

Memorial Services for my beloved husband, Harvey Boykin. Please refer to link for all the information. Thank you for all of your love and support during this difficult time. May God bless you all always. I am so beyond grateful to you all.


Alexandra Grey is looking for "extras" for her autobiographical movie being filmed here at Founders, June 5th, from 5:30am to 5:30pm. "Extras" to be in 80s attire. Sign-up at More info to come.

Rev. Steve Pieters' New Book Is Out!  

Hot off the press! Love Is Greater Than AIDS, written by Rev. Steve Pieters (and completed just before he collapsed and went for his final journey to the hospital) is now in print. Here's the link to Amazon, but it can be bought at other vendors as well: Love is Greater than AIDS: A Memoir of Survival, Healing, and Hope - Kindle edition by Pieters, A. Stephen. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

New show at the Skylight Theatre just around the corner from the church at Skylight Theatre. Link for more info and tickets: The Sandwich Ministry by Miranda Rose Hall - Skylight Theatre Company

UFMCC Ministerial Achievements!

Congrats to Rev. Dr. Tijuana Gray! 

We want to congratulate Tijuana Gray, one of our former members who left us to go to seminary, for completing her Doctor of Divinity degree last week from Columbia Theological Seminary! Tijuana accomplished this, all while being the Sr. Pastor of MCC Topeka. We love you, Rev. Dr. Tijuana Gray!

Interested in Church Membership? Or, maybe, you just want to know more about our church's core beliefs and history. Set up an online meeting with Rev. Steve Swafford at for an individualized study!

Interested in Church Membership? Or, maybe, you just want to know more about our church's core beliefs and history. Set up an online meeting with Rev. Steve Swafford at for an individualized study! 

The show is called 638: An Uncommonly Comical Review of an Accidental Assassination Attempt on Fidel Castro

It is a Farce about 1 of the 638 assasination attempts on Fidel Castro. 

Below is a little synopsis so you have more of an idea of what the show is about:

1963, Havana. At an engagement party, a father attempts to protect his family by marrying his daughter off to a high level member of the regime, but when Fidel Castro makes a surprise appearance, a series of events inadvertently lead to his death, the father must don the beard and pose as the dictator for the evening. 

Throughout his life, there were 638 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro. In this farce, a fourth wall breaking narrator guides us through one fictional attempt in the spring of 1963, replete with slamming doors, slapstick schemes, miscommunications, raging hormones, and a drink switcheroo. 

Thank You!

Jair Bula

Pride Worship/Event Schedule 

June 1  Multilingual All-Church Worship 10:00 a.m.

June 2  West Hollywood Pride Parade 

June 8  Multilingual All-Church Worship 10:00 a.m.

June 9  LA Pride Parade

PAD Conference 'Family Reunion' 

July 26 - 28, Detroit, MI, USA

MCC's People of African Descent: The Next Generation presents an amazing weekend in concert with North America's longest running Black Pride celebration in Detroit, entitled "Hotter Than July." Join the activities for PAD and allies including worship, workshops, fun — and of course, plenty of Motown! Click here for more information:

Pad Raffle Information:

FMCC's PAD Conference Raffle will help send people to the event.


2 pairs of tickets to A Strange Loop

2 pairs of tickets to Peter Pan


May be purchased in person or by

mailing the Form below:

Founders MCC PAD Raffle Form






Please send the Founders PAD Raffle Form with your check to the church's address below:

Founders MCC PAD Raffle

4607 Prospect Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Flourish In Ministry

MCC’s Pathway to Transformation

Anywhere, anytime…. Leaders are needed

What is FLOURISH? FLOURISH is comprised of two main programs within MCC (Thriving in Ministry and Global Leadership Development). We are working to provide resourcing and programming to allow you to Flourish in your ministry.


It is the FLOURISH program’s goal to ensure all leaders, no matter their location, (laity and clergy) are resourced to enhance and develop their ministry.  

As we begin a new year of Transformation, change abounds. It is important to implement the lesson learned so we can create the MCC that is yet to be.    

We are keenly aware of the importance of culturally and contextually informed programming, noting the myriad of cultural differences within our denomination. 

The Global Leadership Development Fund and the Lilly Endowment matching Grant will be used to sow the financial seeds to sustain FLOURISH. Please know that all of us are Fund Raisers, and we will match these funds to bring resources and programming to all corners of the globe. The benefits are immense! Be on the lookout for future updates on the FLOURISH program and how you can get engaged. Contact us at

Your help is needed to make FLOURISH happen. We need representation in all areas of the globe to weave the lesson learned. We are seeking people who will agree to serve as coordinators (stipend) for programming in specific geographic areas. For an application, please reach out to



We are excited to announce that MCC's next General Conference Transformational Weekend will be held 3-6 July 2025! This time, our in-person portion of the conference is taking over Scottsdale, Arizona, USA at the Embassy Suites Resort -- walking distance from the historic district.

Our host hotel is an amazing, accessible resort. It is beautiful with views of Camelback Mountain, two pools, and beautiful landscaping. We tried hard to find not only an accessible hotel for physical accommodations, but a financially accessible hotel. The Embassy Suites hotel is offering us an amazing rate of $119/night which includes free breakfast, daily cocktail hour, and a complimentary shuttle to hundreds of local shops, restaurants, and activities. Each room has a living room (with a pull-out couch), and kitchenette easily accommodating multiple parties to maximize savings. In October 2024 we will send a unique link to reserve your room.

This conference will have a retreat feel being only 3 days instead of our typical 5 or 6-day conference that commingled business with worship and learning. In addition, there will be pre and post-conference activities to participate in. This time, all business will take place online and not during this in-person gathering, making it a perfect opportunity to invite different members of your congregation to retreat with you in the desert. Elements of this conference will be streamed and online allowing us to have a hybrid experience for those unable to travel.

More information about speakers, schedule, pre and post-conference institutes, worship and the dates of the business meeting will be shared in coming months. In the meantime, save the date and get ready to have some fun in the sun (or in the air conditioning) with us!

If you have any questions, you can always email us at:

Do you want to ensure you get all of the information about this next General Conference? Click the button and make sure you are on the email list! Registration and hotel reservations will open in October 2024.


Commitment Cards

Commitment forms for 2024.

Join us before and after worship for a time of Hospitality in the church courtyard. Martin Miny is heading a team of people to get coffee, juice, and pastries ready each Sunday. Volunteers are always welcome!
Monkey Pox Vaccine Available 
LA County now has another limited supply of Monkeypox Vaccine available. You can sign up here:
Change In Covid-19 Protocols
As we continue to cope with Covid-19, we are changing our protocols. The new protocols are in line with the rest of LA County. Until further notice, here are our guidelines:

1. We will no longer require vaccinations and boosters for church attendance, though we highly encourage them.
2. We will make wearing masks optional. Please feel free to continue wearing masks as you feel comfortable.

3. We ask people that have symptoms of (or tested positive for) Covid, flu, monkeypox, or any other easily communicable disease to please refrain from attending until they are well.

As we have from the very beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to keep in line with the advice of the LA County Public Health Department. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate new guidelines.
Tithes & Offerings

Thank you to all who have given so generously through our online giving portal. Our church cannot function without your generosity!! Feel free to continue giving through our website (on PushPay) or simply sending a check in the mail (4607 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027). Again, thank you.

Grand Total For Week Ending: 05-19-2024: $5,466.00

Tithing: $4,722.00

Facility Rentals: $490.00

Helping Hands: $254.00

Rev. Keith Mozingo (Moderator)
Dean Coffey (Vice Moderator)
Kim Doneche (Clerk)
Ed Shaughnessy (Treasurer)
Roger Owens - Governance
Ina Serene - Trans* Unity
Martin Miny - Facilities
Parking Available
Children's Hospital has so graciously volunteered up to 10 spaces for us to park. It is a small lot off Sunset Blvd., just beyond the Metro Station entrance.

Founders Metropolitan Community Church Address And Contact Info:

4607 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles CA 90027 | 323-669-3434



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