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June 18, 2021
Celebrating Aging Through the Performing Arts

 Happy Flag Day, Fathers’ Day, and “Summertime” is coming! Although the heat is here this week and a little dry this spring (bumps in the road), the short rain shower this morn, and more tonight and next week with lower temperatures bring some relief and detours. There are always many things to be thankful for and celebrate including our great lives, communities, and the Senior Variety Show accomplishments and enjoyment for all!

While we’ve had to detour the 2020 and 2021 annual Senior Variety Shows (FIRE UP FOR 2022), the SVS train has rolled along providing these exciting regular newsletters filled with great information, pictures, senior spotlights, a weekly You Tube feature video, a lot of fun, and a great way to stay connected. Our recent survey of newsletter and sponsor colleagues (n = 203; 33% response rate; sent to everyone 4/28 so check your dated emails and respond if you haven’t already) showed > 95% reading newsletter cover to cover; 70% watching the weekly You Tube video senior showcase via the “hot link”; and 100% appreciative of the opportunities to enjoy and stay connected!

Our recent addition of SVS Musical Telegrams has provided a great opportunity to showcase senior talents in person and provide great entertainment and fun for a variety of events (and some funds to support our senior projects). The pictures above showcase the Belles of Iowa State delivering a Musical Telegram for Jan Beran’s 90th birthday party at Northcrest Retirement Community! A great time for all! Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of singing telegrams, and most importantly, get your musical telegram for that special occasion ordered today! (promotional flyer included in the newsletter).

Enjoy a great week, Life, and the “Good Ol’ Summertime”!!

Hint for this week's featured Senior Showcase video performance:
 “Smokin’ in the boys room? Not in school or the OUTHOUSE!

Who is the Poet Laureate of SVS?
Make your best guess and hit the hot linked SVS You Tube Channel below to see this week’s Senior Showcase Video and answer (it’s already posted!!)
Answer: Anita Coatney
 “Keeping Up With Folks”
Let’s read how some folks have been spending their time these past months 

Jan Schmidt: I’ve had a busy month of June so far. At our American Legion Auxiliary meeting we thanked our ten poppy workers who raised $3000 in donations for Veterans. I also attended a zoom meeting for the Patriotic Council. We had an election of officers (I am 1st Vice President). 

I had a birthday on June 11th – my son took me to Texas Roadhouse for lunch and my daughter took me to Red Lobster for dinner. Had two great meals.

I bowled in the Iowa Senior Games this past weekend and got gold medals in doubles and singles. On to the National Senior Games in Florida next year!!

**From her Patriotic Service and National Roller Skating Dancing in her younger years to National Bowling as a senior, kudos to Jan on her great accomplishments!**
Alice Thompson: In the last couple months I have been involved in researching the history of 2 different groups. 

#1 – I’ve continued research into the history of my early farming community/village established in 1858, and little local high school that operated 1898 - 1944 in Johnson Co. IA. 

#2 – Recently I joined a committee of GH residents to research & develop the history of Green Hills Retirement Community for our 35th Anniversary.
** Thanks Alice for your commitment, dedication, and service to many, including the Senior Variety Show and performing in every show since year 1!**
You can send your quarantine projects and ideas to us at and we will share. Building community one project at a time.
Front row, left to right: Kitty Fisher, Mary Richards, Ginny Molgaard, Jean Prestemon;
Back row, left to right: Carol Volker, Peggy Faden
Spotlight article: The Belles of Iowa State”

The "Belles of Iowa State" formed in 2002 from within the membership of the Iowa State Women's Club. The original six performers, plus Annette Rowley, director, created a 30 minute program for the 2003 Spring Luncheon, "Hats Off to Women", a musical tribute to women from suffrage to the present. 

The original members were Dorothy Dake, Peggy Faden, Kitty Fisher, Willa Holger, Jean Prestemon, Annette Rowley and Carol Volker. After Annette retired to Maine we added two more members, Ginny Molgaard and Mary Richards.
The Belles have continued to meet regularly (by Zoom under Covid), to sing and create musical programs by request. Over the years, members of the ensemble have participated in the Senior Variety Show. We love to sing together and have fun in the process. Our most recent event was the honor of delivering (in person) a Senior Variety Show Musical Telegram to Jan Beran at her 90th birthday celebration at Northcrest Retirement Community!

Also take a look at and embrace the information on the flyer below. Share it with many others and partake at your favorite event. Enjoy SVS “Musical Telegrams”!!! Give us a call soon!
Newsletter humor by Steve Bellin:

Two friends were watching a Western movie. As the sheriff rode into town where the bad guys were lying in wait, one said, "I'll bet you ten dollars he falls off his horse.?

 "Don't be ridiculous," said the other, "the good guy never falls off his horse."

 "I bet he does."

"Alright," said the second. "I'll bet you ten dollars he doesn't."

  They sat in silence watching the film for a few more minutes. The bad guys began shooting. The sheriff's horse reared___ and off he fell!

 "See! I told you," said the first man
 "Oh, alright," said the second. "Here's your ten dollars."

 "No, I can't take it," said his friend. "I have to admit, ___ I've seen this movie before."

"So have I," the man replied, " but I didn't think he'd fall off again!"

 ***Moral of the story: Hold on to your horse or it costs you $10!***


  “ MUSICAL TELEGRAMS”!! Call and sign up!!