November 2022
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The Art with a Heart team
Holiday Open House
Art with a Heart is currently providing programs in 23 different zip codes throughout Baltimore. In November, students in Art with a Heart programs continued to welcome the fall season while honing their artistic skills. For example, students in Art with a Heart programs at Harford Heights Elementary School practiced drawing and cutting shapes to create pumpkins. The children also learned about color theory and created their own color wheels. Young artists at Woodhome Elementary Middle School learned about Dias de los Muertos and created calavera-inspired drawings with oil pastels. Art with a Heart's adult and senior classes at the University of Maryland Community Engagement Center practiced painting techniques to create colorful fall landscapes and crafted one of kind wreaths to decorate their homes for Thanksgiving! The young ladies at Sisters Academy gathered together for Art with a Heart's "Inspiring Artists" club to learn about artist Brianna McCarthy. These inspiring artists created colorful self portraits using acrylic paint and markers for detail. In all, Art with a Heart artists of all ages had a wonderful month of learning and creating.
Community Service and Public Art
During the month of November, the Laburt Improvement Community Association continued to move forward on their large-scale mural project. Volunteers worked on bee and floral mosaics which will add elements of dimension and sparkle to the completed mural.

Also during November, the Art with a Heart Community Service and Public Art team returned for the second annual FLI Day at Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus to work with undergraduate students and staff to create a painted shim mirror to honor the cultural and individual diversity and identities of the students attending the FLI program.

Finally, Art with a Heart enjoyed working with members of the operations team of University of Maryland Medical Center who engaged in a fun and meaningful team building session with the organization. In addition to the community building work, each member of the Operations Team created their very own unique mosaic masterpiece!
Art of Leadership
This month, Art of Leadership students welcomed volunteers and staff from NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, for an immersive workshop called Virtual Voices. Through headphones, students listen to a simulation of auditory hallucinations that a person with severe mental illness may experience. While listening, students visit five stations where they are asked to complete various tasks, such as pretending to meet with a doctor, play word and card games, and take a reading comprehension test. The team tackled this experience with empathy and bravery, discussed how leaders can challenge stigmas around mental illness, and shared different experiences with mental health. It was an impactful and meaningful evening for all.
Join Art with a Heart on December 10th from 2pm to 5pm for a Holiday Open House. Come shop for all your holiday needs while supporting the work of Art with a Heart. Fun, creative and useful products handmade by Art with a Heart's talented apprentices, interns and volunteers will be on display and for sale. In addition to the Open House, HeARTwares will be open every Saturday in December from 12pm to 4pm and will have yummy cocoa with fixings for all our customers as part of the Hampden Village Merchants Association's Cocoa Crawl!

While preparing for the holidays has kept the team busy, the HeARTworks crew was still able to complete a mural at Cecil Kirk Recreation Center designed by a cohort of young HeARTworks graphic designers!
Special Projects

´╗┐In November, Art with a Heart returned for its second residency at Sharp Leadenhall School. During this residency, students are creating colorful mosaic stepping stones. This is the first opportunity students have had to work in the mosaic medium, and they enjoyed using geode stones, glass, and beads to create unique abstract shapes on their pavers!

Thank You Volunteers!
Art with a Heart is grateful for the volunteers who shared their time and talent with the organization during the month of November: Kappa Delta,
3000 Falls Road | Mill No. 1 | Baltimore, MD 21211