Volume XIII, Issue XIV April15, 2024

 Dear Erin,            

USCCB has received approval for the OCIA

The Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has confirmed the revised translations of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults and the Ritual de la Iniciación Cristiana de Adultos.  The decrees of confirmation were issued on Ash Wednesday, February 14 and were received by the USCCB shortly after.


The final texts have been received and will undergo the review by the Secretariat for Divine Worship before an implementation schedule is recommended to the USCCB President. Those dates, implementation and mandatory usage, will be made known when they are available.

Some items to note so far:

The prayers and ritual language are updated to match the changes in the Roman Missal and other ritual books.

The option for Infant Baptism at the Easter Vigil has been added.

The revised RCIA/OCIA retains the same numbering as the prior edition. The only change to this is that instead of Part I (catechumens) and Part II (special circumstances) it is now 6 "chapters" with chapter one being for catechumens, followed by the chapters that preciously were listed as "special circumstances."

The National Statutes for the Catechumenate, formerly appendix III at the end ritual book, will now be in the front instructional pages.

The other two appendixes remain the same: combined rites and acclamations, hymns, chants, etc.

There is a strong attempt to clarify terminology and to keep that terminology consistent throughout the instructions. Some words were used interchangeably in parts of the current ritual, like catechumen, candidate, inquirer, etc.

The language of the instructions prior to each ritual have been updated to reflect better conversion language as expressed in the Directory for Catechesis.

We will have a full set of trainings on the OCIA when we have all information.

The 8th Annual Sr. Celinie Joubert, SSJ Awards

This award is named for one of the 8 original Sisters of St. Joseph who were invited by Bishop Verot to come and provide formation here in the Diocese of St. Augustine. We are pleased to announce this year's honorees who represent over 250 years of catechetical service to the faithful.

Dcn George Barletta, Christ the King, OCIA, Catechist

Monica Begeman, Our Lady Star of the Sea/Palmer Academy Catechist

Jontai Binder, Morningstar School, Vice Principal

Lisa Bell, Holy Spirit School, Religion Specialist

Denise Collins, Santa Maria del Mar, Director of Religious Education

Patricia Hansen, St. Anastasia, Catechist

Sr. Elise Kennedy, St. Pius V /Morningstar Schools

Denise Pressley, St. Anastasia, Director of Religious Education

Joanne Robinson, Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, OCIA, Catechist

Bill Walsh, Sacred Heart, Fleming Island Catechist

A reception honoring this year’s recipients will be held on Monday, April 22, 2024 at St. Matthew Parish in the parish hall beginning at 4:30 pm.

Individual RSVP form by Arpil 18th pelase.

Youth Confirmation (links)

2025 Youth Confirmation Request

Administering Youth Confirmation 2024 (English document)

Administering Confirmation 2024 (Spanish document)

Outline of a Confirmation Retreat

Families and the Sacraments

We have been discussing at the last few catechetical leader gatherings ways of engaging parents/families more fully in sacramental preparation. One thing we have discussed a few times is how to help families engage more fully in the days leading up to the sacraments and on the actual day of the sacrament. Please find below some good resources I have found and one I created.

The two prayers below can be personalized for your location. The only difference between the two are the pronouns. These might be ideal for when parent/family members, etc are waiting for Mass to start.


Confirmation Day Prayer (Daughter)

Confirmation Day Prayer (Son)

First Communion

First Communion Day Prayer (Daughter)

First Communion Day Prayer (Son)

Some other resources that I have found:

Parents Prayer for First Communion (courtesy of Loyola Press)

Ways Parents can Prepare their Children for First Communion (Courtesy of Teaching Catholic Kids)

Novena to the Holy Spirit for Families (courtesy of Good News Ministries)

Pray More Novenas website

Parents and Families at the Center of Faith Formation

National Community of Catechetical Leaders (NCCL)

A Christian Parenting & Caregiver Initiative

Funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

I am pleased to announce that the Diocese of St. Augustine has been chosen and we have accepted to participate in this grant as one of 20 dioceses in the United States. Invitations have been mailed to 10 parishes who already have catechetical programming for families in place and/or staff who are trained through the NCCL Leadership offerings. The fruits of this 5 year project will impact our entire diocese.

NCCL’s Parents and Families at the Center of Faith Formation Project is a five-year grant-funded project that will work directly with 200 Catholic parishes in 20 cohorts across the United States and engage over 30,000 Catholic parents and their families by exploring how to strengthen faith transmission at home in the first two decades of life, and create parish communities that intentionally accompany and support parents and the whole family.

NCCL’s Parents and Families at the Center of Faith Formation Project will establish a solid foundation of knowledge about how faith transmission is being practiced in Catholic families so that new approaches and strategies can be designed that are reflective of the family research and current thinking on faith transmission. The Project seeks to build on how Catholic families are already transmitting faith and values so that new approaches and strategies support parents. The new approaches and strategies will be developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive, personalized to diverse parental religiosities, and responsive to diverse family structures.

NCCL’s Parents and Families at the Center of Faith Formation Project will guide parish leaders in strengthening the parish community to accompany parents and the family in forming faith; and in designing a seamless approach to faith formation from birth through high school graduation by addressing the unique developmental and faith growth needs of young children, grade school children, young adolescents, and older adolescents. New resources and approaches will be created to guide parish communities in accompanying parents and developing a seamless approach to faith forming at home and in the parish community.

40th Annual Faith Formation Day

Save the date of October 5th for the 40th Annual Faith Formation Day. Our ruby anniversary celebration will, as usual, feature something for everyone who desires to fulfill their quest for lifelong formation. This includes both clergy and laity.

Our keynote presenter will be Dr. Kevin Dowd being sponsored by Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. Kevin is not new to DOSA, he keynoted several years ago. His keynote will be our annual theme:

Do You Know Who I Am? Our Identity as members of the Body of Christ

He will also be providing a workshop on Teaching Kids to Respect Others: Reflections, Activities & Prayers for Catechists and Families on Bullying and Prejudice. (the title of one of his books)

Stay tuned for more information. Registration will open in July.

We are pleased to announce the time and location for the annual "Catholic School Special. Registration has opened. (early, but to get people thinking about their new hires)

June 10 -13, 2024

San Juan de Rio Parish Hall, upstairs meeting room hosted by San Juan del Rio School

Monday, June 10, 2024 Faith Development and Catechetical/Legal

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 Role of the Catechist and Practical Skills

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 Scripture and Church

Thursday, June 13, 2024 Liturgy/Sacraments and Basic Beliefs

Jotform to register

One pop up sessions, donation requested. Both will be held at the Catholic Center in the Hurley Auditorium. Please park around the back of the building to be close to the doors that will be open.

Liturgy and Sacraments - Jotform for Liturgy and Sacraments

Sunday, April 21 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Bishop Barron Youtube on Pentecost/Holy Spirit (15 minutes)

Catholic Icing Pentecost Activities

Holy Spirit Novena (there's an app for that)

Real Life at Home: helping children recognize the Holy Spirit in their lives

The Religion Teacher Pentecost Activities

Sadlier Pentecost Activities (classroom and home) bilingual

Continuing Formation

(Level III Opportunities)

16th Annual Summer School of Theology

June 17-21, 2024

Dr. Joshua McManaway

McGrath Institute for Church Life

He has Spoken to Us through a Son:

Christology, Salvation, Revelation

Registration is now open for the Summer School with the usual early bird special. The School meets daily, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in the Wisdom Center at Marywood.

Summer School of Theology Brochure

jotform with more info and to register

Understanding the Importance of Catholic Identity in Catholic Schools and Beyond

Moderated by Steve Botsford and Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD with Special Guests

Wednesday, April 17 at 4 p.m. EDT

Join Steve Botsford and Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD for a FREE webinar, Understanding the Importance of Catholic Identity in Catholic Schools and Beyond. An enlightening panel discussion will highlight:

  • The pivotal role of Catholic identity in empowering educators to lead and form students into future adults who live their Catholic faith
  • How educators rooted in Catholic identity foster positive learning environments by cultivating genuine love, respect, and a sense of community among students and the community
  • The contribution of Catholic identity in empowering and forming future disciples who are faithful and evangelize the faith

Live registrants will receive a Certificate of Participation!

Fill out the form on this page to register for this free webinar. Even if you cannot attend live, register to receive the live recording.

Link to register

Making Faith Matter to the Next Generation Free Professional Webinar

Shannon Wimp-Schmidt

April 16th 3:00 PM

With research telling us that more than one million young people in America leave Christianity every year, it can feel like the Church has reached a tipping point. But Gen Z is also the most diverse, connected, and socially active in history and they are very open to the message of Jesus. Join Shannon Wimp-Schmidt, Ave author and content director for TENx10 Youth Ministry Collaboration, to discuss how leaders across denominations are joining in a movement to accompany young people through relational discipleship radically focused on Jesus and research-based strategies that help us find new methods for sharing the gospel with a new generation.

Go to Webinar

Mary in the Gospels presentation by Pat Cook at the St. Joseph Renewal Center

These are all being taped, so you can register and watch later.

Building Intercultural Competence in Catechetical Ministry

Sr. Ruth Bolarte, D.Min.

Thursdays April 11 & 18 


Inviting, Forming, and Supporting Parish Catechists

Jayne Mondoy

Tuesdays May 7 & May 14


Tuition for each course is $50. Link to register for these: NCCL Courses

Visit our office website