September 2nd, 2021
“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”

– Sydney J. Harris
The gates swung wide yesterday and the Walworth County Fairgrounds kicked off the 172nd Walworth County Fair...and it's ROCKING!

The Elkhorn Chamber booth is set and ready for any business interested in bringing their mission, product and/or services to the fair! Sign-ups are still available Friday - Monday! Celebrate what you have to offer this community. Booth sign-ups are NOW available for unlimited sign-ups. Come for 2 hours or come for an entire day! Vendor day passes will be available at the Elkhorn Chamber office Friday, 8:30am-10am. Please call if you need to make alternative pick-up arrangements.
For the first time in fair history, beer and wine was served at the Walworth County Fair. Guests of all ages, from those who recently celebrated their 21st birthday to the lifetime visitor who has attended the fair for the past 6 or 7 decades, stopped by to enjoy an ice cold beverage of choice. And guess what? We ALL had fun!

With 5 days to go, there are still opportunities for you to come out and volunteer [have fun] with us at one of the three Beer & Wine Areas on the fairgrounds. Bring a co-worker, bring a friend and come enjoy the Walworth County Fair!
Comp day passes will be available at the Elkhorn Chamber office Friday, 8:30am-10am. Please call if you need to make alternative pick-up arrangements. 
Thank you to the chamber partners and community members who have designated time to join us at the Walworth County Fair this week. The final days of summer are upon us and we look forward to spending them together!


The Elkhorn Chamber
submitted by Kate Abbe
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SEPT 26th, 2021 6am-9am
You're Invited!
County-Wide Off The Clock Networking Event
On September 2nd, 2021,
the Walworth County Fair will hold its annual Push Walk and Ride event for individuals with developmental and other disabilities. The event offers an opportunity for these individuals to raise funds for Seeds Of Hope and enjoy a day at the Walworth County Fair.

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