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Archaeology month is coming! We are excavating a test pit to discover how Wildnote technology can best serve archaeology as digital data collection and digital submissions become the norm. You're the experts, we're the support team - h elp us unearth the future. Send us an email if you would like to help us get it right.
Resilient people "get knocked down seven and get up eight." Click here to find out how city planners throughout the world are utilizing land use strategies to build-in the ability to take a hit and bounce back on multiple fronts as climate change advances.

The Union of Concerned Scientists share a climate resilience framework that reflects the idea that climate change policy should “manage unavoidable changes and avoid unmanageable ones.”

What do Bristol, Berkeley and Bangkok have in common? They are all building resiliency roadmaps into the future. See what these pioneering cities are up to.

Are you prepared? "Outdoorsman, wilderness guide, traveler and fan of all things nature," Harry Spampinato, researched emergency gear and came up with 10 great recommendations for your go bag...including the go bag!
Folding shovel includes axe blade, saw, hammer, flint, line and more.