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June 2018 
Dave Veale
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Providing the right training at the right time for the leaders in your organization is key to maintaining a healthy workplace, and a solid bottom line. It makes sense that providing specific skills to your leaders that will help them solve work-related issues, as they occur, is paramount. 

Dr. Bill drills down on several ways a properly trained leader can be effective in reducing work-place stress and why proper coaching training is crucial. You can read his article, below.

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How effectively does your organization prepare its leaders to obtain the skills required to support employees to solve work-related problems?
For some, this may sound like an odd question, without context. Why this is an important question to ask is that employees who can't solve work-related problems are at risk for increased stress load. Employees experience bad stress whenever they experience a difference between what they have and what they want.

Until the problem is solved, the risk for accumulating bad stress increases. Negative work-related stress often negatively influences employees' thinking, emotions and behaviour.

Dhirendra Shukla, chair of the Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of New Brunswick Photo: Joy Cummings/UNB
New Brunswick is Newton's Apple Orchard 

From my interview with Dhirendra Shukla,
2017 in the Saint John Telegraph Journal.

Dhirendra Shukla first visited Canada as a child and fell in love with the country. Born in  India, raised in  Zambia and educated in the  UK and  Canada, he came back to Canada and - to his surprise - was offered his ideal job commercializing new technologies with  Nortel Networks.

When Nortel collapsed, Shukla came across an opportunity for a role at the  University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Engineering, as the Dr. J. Herbert Smith ACOA Chair. 

I had a refreshingly upbeat conversation with a very enthusiastic Shukla. As a New Brunswick entrepreneur myself, I was anxious to hear his perspective. I was also very curious about how he landed in Canada from the UK, where he studied...

2 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  An audience can instinctively tell how scripted a podcast or speech is - be more genuine: Introducing Deborah Irvine Anderson on the Boiling Point Podcast - She's a media consultant, veteran journalist, communicator, and an entrepreneur. Listen in! 

2.   Three of New Brunswick's most prominent business leaders have been named to the Junior Achievement New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame. James (Jim) M. Crosby Jr, Gordie Lavoie and Mike Timani will be inducted on  November 1st in Moncton.  

Ready to take a closer look at how you and your company can reach your full business potential?  

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