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 November 2017   

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Dave Veale
Dr. Bill's credentials...

Dr. Bill Howatt , Vision Coaching's chief learning officer (and the chief research and development officer of work force productivity with  Morneau Shepell)  just launched his new column in the business section of the Chronicle Herald in Halifax. We'll continue to share Dr. Bill's relevant columns from both the Globe & Mail and now the Chronicle Herald with this one:

Research is causing a shift in the way we 
provide leadership training.

Dr. Bill Howatt
By Dr. Bill Howatt
Online learning can be a valuable component of leadership development.

How  does your organization prepare employees to become leaders?  One common path is that an employee who is a proven subject matter
expert excelling in their assigned function is promoted with little to no preparation. 

Within a few months, many such new leaders are struggling, or even failing; a smaller  percentage thrive. The cause of failure is often overlooking, or a lack of consid eration for, the importance of the micro-skills required to be an effective leader. Selection decisions are based solely on the individuals' technical skills and industry expertise.

How is research influencing employers? How much are they spending on training? What is the solution for developing leaders effectively? Get answers to these questions and learn more about "the forgetting curve", leveraging online learning and leveraging coaching...

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Wayne Jagoe - Founder & Chief Idea Officer,
Enacity Digital Intelligence
Base hits are better than home runs in business

From my interview with Wayne Jagoe p ublished 
March 2017 in the  Telegraph-Journal.
You won't find anyone more passionate about marketing than  Wayne Jagoe, founder and chief idea officer at  Enacity Digital Intelligence

What makes Enacity different? They are the "un-agents"- they enthusiastically help nurture existing marketing ideas as well as generating new ideas for their small to medium sized business clients - providing innovation and ideation.

With the benefit of a fresh perspective on their side, their role isn't to replace anyone. They believe everyone needs a spark now and then and this is their sweet spot.

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  Deborah Irvine Anderson, the young veteran journalist, joined us on the Boiling Point Podcast.  Listen in  to this inspiring  interview. 

2. Does your organization's success really depend on its people? If the answer is truly yes - than leaders needs to ask themselves this: what is your organization actively doing to protect your work force's physical and psychological health? And are you reaching every employee? Read Dr. Bill Howatt's recent Globe & Mail article, Discover the link between productivity & resilience. 

3.  The Wallace McCain Institute invites you to 'The Branding Highway' with Gair Maxwell. February 7th in Moncton, this workshop will challenge conventional thinking by focusing on what is both timeless and timely: helping business owners create substantial Differentiation and Relevance for their companies through the power of Story. Seats are limited. Register here.

Ready to take a closer look at how you and your company can reach your full business potential?  

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