STEM Sports® provides turnkey K-8 supplemental curriculum that uses sports as the real-life application to drive STEM-based learning in classrooms, after-school programs and camps.
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From all of us at STEM Sports®, we are hopeful that you are safe and healthy. The past six months have not been without strain and difficulty. We wish that all of you are experiencing ease and comfort in your lives, despite the unique circumstances.
Educators are seeking curricula that is scalable and flexible to administer virtually, if or when students are not present in the classroom. As a STEM education provider, our standards-aligned K-8 supplemental lessons and modules are delivered with ease on platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, Google Classroom, Skype and other digital learning tools. We now provide solutions for every curriculum module for successful remote learning with:
·        PowerPoint presentation decks
·        Digital worksheets (with keys)
·        Online pre and post-assessments
Our 5E approach to instruction is designed to maximize each student's involvement in their learning, whether they are in the classroom, at home or in a virtual or remote learning space. The 5E steps of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate and STEM Sports®' sixth "E", Extend, all support inquiry-based and active learning. This allows students to make their own discoveries while processing and absorbing STEM knowledge and skills …without the needs of a lecture. The STEM Sports lesson sequence is beneficial to homeroom, science, STEM, and PE teachers as well as coaches and after-school staff as training or professional development is not a prerequisite to teach and instruct our curricula.
If your students are having a rough time learning traditional STEM skills, approach our STEM Golf program with our partners ShortGolf® and Callaway Golf® and their outstanding golf equipment, which are officially licensed products of the PGA Tour. It is a fair way to develop young students' drive to be better leaders and problem solvers.
While the teacher or administrator of this supplemental curriculum will truly be a caddie to the youth in their gallery, these students will be able to attain lofty STEM learning goals while playing through STEM Golf. And, this novel approach can even be applied at golf centers and country clubs.
Congratulations to 14-year-old JT Mulvihill for earning his spot as a finalist in the 2020 Broadcom MASTERS, a STEM middle school competition. Read more about his work in designing a safer football helmet.
Did you know? In Module 4.1 of our STEM Sports® STEM Football curriculum, we examine The Evolution of the Football Helmet by having students study the history and advancements of the football helmet. This includes students observing a variety of helmets dating back to the first games (no helmet) to today’s helmet to determine the importance of protecting players from concussion and other forms of neurological injuries. In the end, students will have a chance to create a helmet using the Engineering Design Process to eliminate head and spinal injuries.
Macy Collins is the STEM Sports® Customer Scorekeeper. She interacts with our current clients and helps to connect and educate potentially interested schools, after-school programs and camps. When speaking with someone on the phone, her self-imposed goal is to put a smile on everyone’s face.
To get to know Macy better, we conducted a short Q & A: 

Why do you love sports?
I have always loved sports ever since I started gymnastics and dance when I was 2-years-old. I then went on to participate and compete in many different sports including football, hockey, beach volleyball, and karate. When I was deciding my college major, I knew it had to be sports-related, so Sport Management it was! 

Tell us about your career path…
Following graduation, I was fortunate to work for great companies such as Skyhawks Sports Academy, a STEM Sports® partner, the Spokane Chiefs WHL hockey club, the Arizona Coyotes NHL hockey club, and now STEM Sports®.

Ultimate dream job?
To become the 1st NHL female head coach.

If you were in 5th grade, which STEM Sports® curriculum would you enjoy the most?
STEM Golf. There is so much more to golf than I imagined. Our curriculum has tons of fascinating information and topics to learn such as what the balls consist of, the use of force and angles, and even the factors of climate and kinetic energy. I think if I learned about those subjects and was more aware of all these details I could be very interested in golf and be able to call myself a golfer. 

Thanks Macy! You’re a great team member and we’re glad you’re keeping score for us!