Looking for an effective alternative medicine treatment? Come see a live demonstration of  an Auricular Diagnosis.
You're invited to...
A live demonstration of how the ears can reveal all of the body's medical conditions with a cutting edge new medicine.
Presented by  IATM Institute of Auricular & Transcendental Medicine
Did you know...All the medical conditions of a patient's body can be detected by an examination of the external ears? 
Recently, a patient came into the office for her appointment and had her infant son with her. She asked Dr.TruthSayer to see what was wrong, because
the baby was especially irritable. Dr. TruthSayer examined the baby's ears and promptly determined the  cause of his upset. The baby was having digestive  problems. Just by examining the baby's ears, the baby's discomfort and the mother's worry were quickly resolved. The patient was amazed at how the "ears can talk" with Auricular Medicine. Auricular Medicine is truly amazing.
Sick of being sick?
Living with unresolved chronic conditions?
  In pain there's been no permanent fix for?
Seeking an effective alternative medicine solution?
Come see a FREE Auricular Diagnosis demonstration

Saturday February 6th from 1:00 - 5:00      downtown San Rafael, CA
Dr TruthSayer, 
Auricular Medicine Master
Event is Free to the public.
Seating is limited-Register Early.

30% off on an Auricular Medicine Diagnosis Intake when you sign up
to be a patient volunteer for a demonstration.  Ask us for the details. 

The power of Auricular Medicine     
  • Diagnoses & Treats 200+ diseases
  • Diagnoses & Treats every system: cardio, digestive, respiratory, etc
  • Diagnoses & Treats all organs: kidneys, heart, liver, etc.
  • Non-toxic effective Chinese & Alternative Medicine Treatment
  • Ear nerve innervations strongly benefit pain & neurological conditions 
  • Earliest detection provides earliest preventive care
  • Finds and treats conditions before symptoms or tests reveal  
About Us

Transcendental Medicine
Transcendental Medicine blends the best of Western and Eastern Medicine, Alternative and Chinese Medicine, providing patients with more comprehensive in-depth healing of body, mind, and spirit. An initial diagnostic visit is the basis for a customized treatment plan which is able to follow and respond to the requirements of the condition with an array of medicines, modalities, and methods.  In addition to Auricular Medicine, these include: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong Medicine, Scalp Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Medicine, Homeopathy, Diet/Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, and more. The vast  healing terrain of Transcendental Medicine may explain why it excels in effective  treatment for serious, chronic, "untreatable" conditions including neurological problems  and integrative cancer support.

Dr. TruthSayer
Dr TruthSayer is one of the very few Masters of Auricular Medicine in the world and is a disciple of Dr Huang Li-Chun, founder of Auricular Medicine.

Licenses & Degrees: Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist,  Board Certified, Licensed Marriage & Family  Therapist
Certifications & Specialties: Classical Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture, Qi Gong Medicine, Shamanic Healing
Feng Shui, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy     
Professional: President Emeritus California State Oriental Medical Assoc.
  Prior Teacher American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  American Representative World Auricular Medicine Association,  Founder Transcendental Medicine a wholistic medicine with  outstanding clinical results for serious, complex, or chronic conditions. 

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T he Institute of Auricular & Transcendental Medicine provides public education, lectures, seminars, supervision, training, externships, and classes for master's and doctoral students of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Psychology, and for licensed health professionals interested in the two disciplines, Auricular & Transcendental Medicine.