December 21, 2022                 No. 44
To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends!

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a stirring speech tonight to Congress. He spoke about the ongoing genocidal war in Ukraine that is universally seen as a crime against humanity. Rockets, missiles and drones are cowardly directed at civilian populations. Russia's immediate goal is to subdue the independent nation of Ukraine by destroying key utilities and leaving people without electricity, gas and water. LifeNets has been doing its part with many others to provide relief in the wake of the outcomes of this brutal war.

As 2022 comes to an end, I want to thank you all for your compassionate support for the many vulnerable people. In this issue of LifeLines I'd like to give you the current status of our recent activity. We also continually report on our activities on our website at

Along with others around the world, we have been responding to the largest refugee migration since World War II. Twelve million Ukrainians have abandoned their homes and have sought refuge in many places around the world. We have been actively providing relief as they transition through Western Ukraine to unknown places west. We work with people of like faith whom we have personally known, visited, and trusted over many years.

We are helping with war victims in the unspeakably barbaric war in Ukraine. We work with courageous Ukrainian workers who are standing firm in this crisis and helping others. The elderly, women and children suffer together. We have provided food, clothing and now with the cold winter, we are providing specialized stoves that not only cook food, but bring warmth to a living space.

We helped purchase a vehicle in Germany with the facilitation of our Ukrainian friends and help from our German UCG Office. With this vehicle they are able to ferry equipment and supplies in a ten-hour drive between Ukraine and Germany.

In spite of these added stresses on our resources, we have been able to continue our other ongoing projects such as scholarships, food and water security, wheelchairs and more.

We are also thankful for the greater and robust role that LifeNets Australia has taken on which is reported on later in this newsletter.

We also find ourselves ,when called upon, helping with U.S. natural disasters.
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Thank you for your trust and for making LifeNets your charity of choice.

We love and appreciate all of you!
President and Chairman
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Ukraine: Ovens for Heat and Food as the War Continues

LifeNets is working in several dynamic ways in Ukraine to provide vital support with food, water, fuel, heat and transport.

In war-torn Chernihiv we are helping finance a borehole for water at the Centre of Rehabilitation of Disabled Children. Work at the center goes on but the municipal water is unreliable for the needs of 100 outpatient children plus staff. We are also helping with rehabilitation and teaching equipment for the children.

We are also helping finance teams of volunteers going to badly damaged areas such as Kherson, Izyum and Kharkiv with humanitarian aid.

As the war in Ukraine approaches the ten-month point, great weariness and even callousness is setting in. Yet, some of the greatest atrocities and massive movements of refugees since World War II are taking place right now. A large cruel nation is attacking, killing, pillaging, raping and stealing at a scale that we in a civilized world cannot imagine. We don't want to entertain the thought of having to go through what these people are enduring.

Right now the people are just trying to survive the cold of winter. Months of cold ahead. Russia has destroyed more than 50% of the electric grid that supports life support for the elderly, women, and children who are the most vulnerable. Gas as well as water has been cut off. This is a war crime against humanity. We know that justice and deliverance will prevail, but this is so painful to watch. The Ukrainian people are heroic, resilient and not giving up. We have been so heartened by how the people are helping one another in this crisis.

A solution for temporary relief has been to set up by the Ukrainian government to provide thousands of warming shelters around the country. Here people can come in, get warmed up and get some food.

Please stay current with ongoing reports with many photos on our war blog.
Malawi Scholarship Student Patience Graduates

Stories like this give us great satisfaction. Opportunity changes lives. This letter of appreciation from Malawi best explains the outcomes of our scholarship program:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the support you rendered during my undergraduate studies. I started my undergraduate journey on the 31st of October 2017 at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

During the first two years of school I had no personal computer and it affected my studies. I had to borrow whenever I had assignments and I relied on handouts but the information was never enough. During my third year you helped me with a personal computer and it really helped me and had a big impact on my academic performance. 

The COVID 19 pandemic slowed down things as the institution closed for months in 2020. Instead of completing my studies in 2021, we completed them in June 2022. On the 18th of November I graduated with a credit in Bachelor of science in Human Science and Community Services.

You have supported me throughout my Education and for that I am extremely grateful. May God continue Blessing you.

Patience Eliya
Patience Eliya with her parents Howard and Ruth on graduation day
The Developing Nations Scholarship Program is transforming the lives of young people in developing countries around the world. They will have an education and a degree in their own country that will help them with gainful employment. LifeNets has served students in the following countries since 2001: Armenia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Zambia, Malawi, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Read more about our scholarship program on our website at
Report from Australia

Here is a report from our affiliate in Australia excerpted from the United News Australia:

LifeNets Australia Incorporated (LAI) continues to grow and it has been an outstanding last 12 months striving always to achieve its purpose of "helping others help themselves". Operating in conjunction with LifeNets International in the USA, and also independently, it has supported projects mainly in the less privileged parts of the world in Africa and South America but continues to broaden its base and remains open to needs no matter where they occur.

United Church of God congregations throughout Australia participate in the gold coin collection activity as well as contributing directly via bank deposit and through the LAI website. Collections are also conducted at Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian festival sites and at some sites in the United States. Individual donations made directly to the organisation's bank account have been a regular and increasing source of income and have now become the largest single source of donations in this past year. This has included an increasing number of very significant donations as part of the last will and testament of some.

Here are few of the projects in Zambia
  • In Mufumbwe, the building of a community hall with full toilet facilities for use by the church and local community.
  • In Solwezi, a water tank and solar pump were acquired and installed for use by the local community.
  • In Isoka, another hall with water tank and solar pump was completed.

Other projects were providing economic relief in Sri Lanka and India. Also, two projects initiated locally were for building up facilities for the Church and Community in Vanuatu. The other was to provide funding for training of a seizure alert dog for a family. Also, a contribution was made for Kentucky tornado victims. Thank you, Australia!

For more information please visit
A Kentucky National Guard flight crew from 2 147th Bravo Co. aided in flood relief efforts in response to a declared state of emergency in eastern Kentucky on July 29 2022. Their mission consists of supporting Soldier movement  joint support transport de
Berlin and Superb Partner with LifeNets
To bring aid to Kentucky Flood Victims

Sugarcreek, Ohio:

Berlin Seeds and Superb Sealing Solutions is partnering with LifeNets to bring aid to the victims of the 2022 Kentucky flood in Letcher County, Kentucky.

Berlin Seeds and Superb sponsored a Food Independence Summit in September to bring together homesteaders and other similarly-minded people who are interested in gaining food independence.

Over 3,900 people attended the first annual food summit, which featured a fundraiser for the Kentucky
flood victims.

Over $90,000 were raised with corporate sponsors and a concert by Blue Grass Music hall of famer Ricky
Skaggs and his band Kentucky Thunder.

A total of $42,000 has been earmarked specifically for Letcher County with LifeNets being the sponsoring charity. Letcher County was one of the hardest hit areas. Many homes and public services like police and fire department assets were destroyed by the flood.

LifeNets has provided the Neon, Kentucky police department with two Automated Electronic
Defibrillators (AEDs) that were destroyed in the flood. Discussions are underway with Amish and
Mennonite construction and relief organizations to use LifeNets funds to aid the rebuilding of homes in
Letcher County. By partnering with these volunteer organizations, LifeNets can maximize the value
delivered with the funds available from contributions.

If you wish to contribute to this project, donations can still be made to\kyflood.

-- John Miller, President, Superb Industries
Michael Kubik with Pediatric chairs
The Wheelchair Project

In 2022, the LifeNets Wheelchair Project was able to help those suffering from MS, paralysis, COPD, etc by transferring wheelchairs and other medical devices all over the US. We had another great year in matches which totaled 40 including medical beds, all types of wheelchairs, hoyer lifts, ramps, etc. Below, is a testimonial from Edwin, who requested a wheelchair for his mother, Patricia, who lost her legs as a result of a fire.

"Hello my name is Edwin Pauna and my mom Patricia Pauna could use this chair, she has prosthetic legs as a result of a fire she was involved in. She just recently in late May had sepsis from infection of her legs and back and was hospitalized till a week ago . I finally got her back home and her old mechanical wheelchair is falling apart . She is 83 years old and has lost a lot of muscle in the hospital and home she was in. We also just lost my dad who has been in the hospital as long as my mom who just passed away on Thursday of last week. We have a funeral to get to next weekend and this chair would be a blessing for my mom right now.

-- Michael Kubik
World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine (WRRU.ORG) Partners with LifeNets

Report from Roman Grynyshyn (pictured on left with his wife Lesia and children)

Since February 24th every Ukrainian has been trying to help the country in any possible way. So our team here started a program World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine aiming to support the least protected stratum of our society - small family farms.

With help of good people abroad, who became our Ambassadors and LifeNets International, the NGO, who kindly dropped all administrative charges on their end for the sake of Ukrainian rural families, we succeeded collecting over $33,000 in donations which have been spent for building a house, a barn and getting a tractor for three small farmers in Kyiv oblast.

Additionally we have been running a live biweekly update on the situation in the Ukrainian agricultural sector trying to spread the word about the damages of the war to those who supply up to 600 million people with food. The small family farms are operating 30% of Ukrainian land. According to our observations of the Kyiv oblast area every tenth of them had significant losses to their houses or production premises. That effected at least 166 million people worldwide. In addition to that Ukraine has lost access to at least 23% of its agricultural lands. About 30% of the land has not been planted this year for various reasons due to the war. It leaves about 300 million people without food worldwide. For various reasons including unplanted acres, lack of fertilizer and poor economy, Ukraine produced 48% less crops in 2022.

Ukrainian agricultural fields have become the second battlefields because the farmers have been risking their lives and not being able to retreat.

The 2022 season has brought a significant result of our joint efforts, but there is so much to be done in the future. Thank you for all your help! May God protect you and your families!

-- Roman Grynyshyn, Founder and CEO
The Kubik Report Podcast

Please listen to our podcast with LifeNets board member Don Turgeon who talks about his 18 years on the LifeNets Board of Directors and his special interest in our Scholarship Program. Podcast is located here.

Please visit The Kubik Report for a wide variety of podcasts, many dealing directly with our charitable work.
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