Winter Edition 2021
Season’s Greetings and Warmest Wishes

On behalf of everyone at the New DICE Corporation, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and a great new year. May the festivities of the season bring you true happiness and prosperity!

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your role in the success of our company. It is because of your support that we’ve had our biggest year yet and continue to be a leader in developing new technologies that are advancing everything from interactive video monitoring to event management and telecom. We value your loyalty and trust in our team and promise to continue delivering quality solutions in the year ahead.

Avi Lupo, DICE Corporation Co-President
Heading To CAA Winter Convention?

Let's meet up at the 2021 CAA Winter Convention - December 1st - 4th | The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco. We have a lot of cool things happening at the NEW DICE as we introduce the next generation of video and alarm monitoring software solutions.. Email me at so we can find time to meet. Safe travels and I'll see you at CAA.
Solution Spotlight
TMA Webinar December 14, 2021, At 2:00 pm EST
With signal routing by the telecom industry changing from POTS to VOIP, central stations are experiencing lost and broken alarm signals, which may not be received at the central station and/or be delayed and corrupted. That means your operators may not have all the information needed, such as the account number or zone. It's a serious problem affecting central stations, dealers, and end-users, but there is a solution, no matter which central station automation software you are using.

Tune in to hear more about the problem and solution from IPtelX and DICE.
Product Spotlight
Matrix Interactive delivers innovative technology to streamline video monitoring, event management, guard services, and much more. Plus, AI and analytics give your team new opportunities to transform your video monitoring experience with a unified hybrid platform.
Good Reads
The New DICE Adds Calipsa’s
False Alarm Filtering Solution to Matrix Interactive
The New DICE Corporation is pleased to announce Calipsa’s false alarm filtering solution is now integrated with Matrix Interactive. While the two companies both offer video analytics, the integration provides central stations and integrators that are already using Calipsa’s solution with the option to add advanced interactive and video services from Matrix Interactive. It will also allow DICE users to benefit from Calipsa’s leading AI technology.

With an open and generic platform developed by the New DICE, the integration works with any monitoring automation software and is an opportunity to add value for monitoring stations or command centers in a corporate, education or healthcare venue. Calipsa’s analytics software for video surveillance uses deep learning algorithms to filter out false alarms caused by anything from a change in lighting to a spider’s web across a lens, with a false alarm reduction rate of 95%.

Matrix Interactive offers central stations and command centers a video event monitoring, surveillance, and alarm notification suite for any video system that is accessible from any location, at any time. The unified platform provides services such as video verification, remote guarding, virtual guard tours, and virtual doorman – all using advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud recording of events.
Active-Active Data Centers: What You Need to Know
With the New DICE Corporation’s and IPtelX’s recent announcement that our second UL 827A data center has transitioned to an active-active state for signal processing in the alarm industry, now is a great time to reexamine the importance of redundancy in data center infrastructure.

Downtime is not an option for high-profile organizations such as governments, security operations centers, and large businesses who rely on 24/7 access to everything from computers and software to phone systems. Yet most cloud IT infrastructure is not built with the redundancy and capacity necessary to maintain uninterrupted service in the event of an outage. To offer a better understanding of the advantages of an active-active (also known as dual active) configuration, we’ve compiled a brief guide to explain what this solution means for you.
Winter Safety Tips for Field Technicians 
In much of the country, we are getting our first taste of winter weather. The snow, sleet, and bitter wind chills that come with the season are a minor inconvenience for most of us. But for field technicians who spend much of their time out of the office and are exposed to the elements, the challenges of winter can affect everything from drive times to performance.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prepare your team and make the winter work environment a safe place for everyone. From dressing for the weather to mapping routes for road conditions, here are some tips to keep in mind.
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