The exciting transition from childhood to adulthood includes many factors to consider for both you and your child. Read through the details about our Spotlight colleges and universities and other companies that help with decision-making and preparation for higher education and careers.

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Are you looking for a Christian college you can trust? 


At The College at Southeastern we believe your students shouldn’t have to choose between a strong education and their Christian convictions. As a confessional Christian liberal arts college, we equip students to give their lives for the cause of Christ in the Church, among the nations, and in every aspect of society.  


With more than 25 majors and 19 minors, we have a degree program that matches your students’ callings—from education for a career of teaching or business administration to training for a lifetime of missions or local church ministry. 


To learn how The College at Southeastern equips men and women to discern their callings in a vibrant discipling community, visit or schedule a campus visit today.


Plan a visit! 


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Self-discovery & Career Exploration for College-bound Teens

TruSpark is a motivation quiz for teens, based on their own personal stories of success. After first discovering their top three motivations in a personalized report, they then connect those motivations to matching career options that require a four-year degree. Have your teen take this unique story-based quiz to reveal why they do what they do and what makes them feel most alive and fulfilled! 

Use code SCHOOLHOUSE for $10 off any purchase at TRUSPARK.ME (expires 4/22/2024). For the full experience that includes career exploration, choose the assessment + curriculum bundle. 

With TruSpark, your teens can start college with a clear vision of the career paths that best mesh with their mix of motivations. Pro tip: Discuss core motivations in career application essays to display a mature self-awareness and a sense of personal mission.

Denison Algebra

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Math shouldn’t stand in the way of college. Our brain-friendly courses help students conquer high school math and prepare for college, even if math has been a struggle.

Visit for course offerings and sample lessons.

Belhaven University

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At Belhaven University, finding your haven means discovering your passion, your program, your people, and your purpose. Our learning community is generous, welcoming, caring, and kind. We teach from the understanding that God has uniquely gifted every student—and our responsibility as educators is to help you hone your talents for Godly success in your career, family, and sphere of influence.

There is a distinct value in earning a degree with Belhaven. Many unique factors are ingrained within the university’s quality programs. Belhaven provides a supportive environment with a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, where Christian faculty, coaches, and staff members are dedicated to academic rigor and grace-filled care. Not only that, we are a homeschool-friendly university, so we have tailored our admission process to accommodate your unique strengths and achievements.

At Belhaven, we believe choosing a major should be a celebration of your talents, not a choice between them—and that’s why we offer the Double Major Promise. This promise allows incoming freshmen to double major, and should you need the extra year to finish—the fifth year tuition is on us.

Schedule a visit today. We aren’t just a Christian university in the heart of Southern hospitality in Jackson, Mississippi, but we are a community where you can grow and thrive with an outlook and education that prepares you to be all that God has created you to be.

Contact us today at (601) 968-5940.

Hillsdale College

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High School Students: Hillsdale College offers college credit in American history and government for high school students. Applications for the fall semester now open!   

Learn from Hillsdale College professors and earn college credit through new online American civics courses. Through these courses, students will receive education in the meaning of America, the nature and design of our government, and the history of our nation. 

Fall 2024 Semester Offerings:

American History I: Colonial America through the Civil War

American Government 

All courses emphasize the careful reading of texts, the development of writing skills, and class participation. Students will have the opportunity to interact with Hillsdale instructors, to learn alongside students from around the country, and to earn college credit while still in high school. We invite high school juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher to apply and submit a letter of recommendation and a short essay. The cost for a three-credit course is $450. 

Apply now at

Reynolds Community College

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Education that fits your life.

Is your child transitioning from homeschool to attending college? Or do you want to expand their knowledge with online college courses? Reynolds is here for you. We can help you personalize your child’s education and allow your family the flexibility needed. We have outstanding professors who understand that education can take place from anywhere.

How Reynolds Has Helped Other Homeschool Families

“Our family chose homeschooling because we wanted to spend time together as a family, and we wanted to give our children opportunities to excel at their own pace and explore their interests. We used our time together to travel a great deal, exploring nature, museums, and cities.” —The Proffitt Family

“Our family chose homeschooling because we wanted the flexibility to shape our children’s educational experiences. It allowed us to meet their individual learning needs, incorporate travel into our schooling, and keep faith and family at the core.” —The Schufflebarger Family

“Reynolds made the effort to transition from homeschool to college very smooth.” —The Nottingham Family

Continue your journey of quality education at Reynolds.

Visit to get started.

Oak Brook College of Law

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Online Christian Legal Training: Equipping you to make an impact in law, business, and ministry.

“I highly recommend OBCL’s Paralegal Program for everyone. Not only will it make you a better citizen, but it will empower you regardless of where God calls you in the future.” —Gabe

“Each class began with presenting the legal concept through a Biblical lens, then set the historical context, and provided in-depth explanation of the topic.” —Elizabeth

How a society answers the tough moral questions will be determined by whether the human being or God is the recognized source of law. OBCL offers online legal training designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and Biblical worldview to make an impact in the fields of law, business, and ministry.

Read about Oak Brook College of Law Alumni

Advocates of Truth

It does not take long to look around and realize the foundations upon which America was built are under attack. There are those who are redefining terms to further their agenda. In the midst of this crisis, there is hope: truth is always in the right. 

The Advocates of Truth series contains short emails that will answer questions such as:

  • Is there truth?
  • Is truth knowable?
  • Is there self-evident truth?
  • And much more ...

Access free resources here!

 Oak Brook College of Law


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